The 5th Afro Model Awards took place in London on 29th May 2016,  MusicNest  Radio were very proud to be at the 5th Afro Model awards held at the Clayton Crown Hotel in London. The event attracted over 300 models and a guest list of celebrities.
About the event:
Afro Model Awards is a global event, established in 2011/12, to recognise, acknowledge and reward excellence of models, agencies, personalities, designers, and innovators throughout the fashion and style industry. Afro Model Awards is the biggest awards ceremony, that focuses on models, designers and innovators in fashion and style. There is presently a massive response from prospective nominees, participants, organisations and the general public, thereby making it a highly rewarding opportunity to participate at the The 5th Annual Afro Model Awards 2016. The event rewards the contributions of individuals and organisations, towards the growth, development and empowerment of; Fashion, Modelling, Creativity and Personality. #afromodelawards


chris eubank

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chris eubank IMG_2750 IMG_2721


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