African Film Festival in UK 2016


The Film/Cinema culture in the UK is robust and an array of independent films are making their way into cinema alongside the generic big Hollywood films.The event will start with a colorful red carpet event at the Odeon Cinema, Printworks Manchester, the largest Cinema in Europe

Date:  23rd – 26th, June, 2016

Venue: Manchester,  The Odeon Imax Cinema, Manchester City Council, the Miners Art Center, Afristar Promotions, DJ Abass, Animation West Africa Foundation are some of our partners for this festival and we hope you will support us too.

A good number of these films are from across Europe, with a huge following from UK based Nationals of these European Countries where the films originate from as well as British audience who just love a good film, whether it be a Polish one with English subtitle or a Swedish film.
In view of the above, we bring to you the African Film Festival, a showcase of films from across Africa to launch an addition into the mix of films from around the world which already make up the UK film community but also an opportunity to show the world other aspects of Africa…our story telling and our way of life, for the purpose of education, enlightenment and entertainment.
The festival will be a showcase of a select category of African films from Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, South Africa and North Africa for the viewing pleasure of the UK film lovers whom hitherto would not necessarily have access to these films but would now be able to enjoy them and have an insight into film making in Africa.

This festival will attract a new audience of African heritage to the cinema culture with the showcase of films from their communities and will increase the growth of the film community and the film industry.
A workshop for aspiring film makers will be part of this weekend. The festival will start with a glamorous colourful red carpet event and the films screened all through the weekend finishing on a Sunday with an award show and dinner.
On Saturday, there will be a showcase of African Cultural display, music and African food to make the event colourful and showcase more of African culture.71114cc7-6d5e-41ee-8165-655d92f38e59


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