Bobrisky: 5 times Nigerian Catilyn Jenner gave us relationship advice


Everyone knows Bobrisky is swimming in money, thanks to his bae, he occasionally dishes advice on how to attain that status.

Not only is Nigeria’s male barbie a terrific makeup artist who beats his own face to stupor, he occassionally gives life advice for free.

Bobrisky can not go one day without mentioning his bae several times. We all know that his lifestyle is sponsored by his older and very generous bae.

On some occasions, Bobrisky gave us invaluable relationship advice.

1. Bleach your skin:

According to Bobrisky, he feels so clean, fresh and fine because he is no longer darkskinned. For you to snag the bae/sugar daddy of your dreams, bleach your skin well, then you’re good to go.

2. Don’t ever date broke men:

In the immortal words of Bobrisky “If your bae is a brokers, leave him”. If you want to live large off your bae, well, it only makes sense that you date someone who has plenty money.

If he doesn’t spend money on you, lose his number quick.

3. Try not to fight with the wife of the man you’re sleeping with:

Be a respectable side chic/sugar baby/sex toy. Do not get into confrontations with your bae’s wife. Be respectful and courteous at all times.

4. Appreciate bae and be grateful:

Even when bae is yet to come through with the Banana Island house he promised, appreciate what he has done now.

Be grateful and show gratitude to bae at all times, so that he can do better things for you.

5. Form a bond with bae:

Look, it doesn’t matter if bae is a 70 year old man, connect with him like he is your age mate. Tell him about Twitter and Snapchat. Make him feel young and alive. Inform him of this trending topics online, and if you have haters, laugh at them together.

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