Bobrisky’s London Fans Queued & Paid £20 To Snap Pictures With Him [Read Hilarious Reactions]


Nigeria male barbie, Bobrisky organized a ‘Greenwich Meet and Greet’ for his fans in London which he hosted at Shisha Bar, Greenwich, London on Sunday.

The tickets for this ‘event’ were reportedly sold at £20, which is about 12,000 using the black market rate.

Quite a number of his supposed fans turned out for the private event and in one of the videos that was later shared via his Snapchat page, a lady reportedly shed tears on seeing him and a guy also sprayed money on him.

Some Twitter users have reacted to this news in the usual maligning way.


The self acclaimed King of Snapchat also shared snaps of the event:

bobrisky-greenwich-meet-and-greet bobrisky-greenwich-meet-and-greet2 bobrisky-greenwich-meet-and-greet3 bobrisky-greenwich-meet-and-greet4 bobrisky-greenwich-meet-and-greet5 bobrisky-greenwich-meet-and-greet6 bobrisky-greenwich-meet-and-greet7 bobrisky-greenwich-meet-and-greet8 bobrisky-greenwich-meet-and-greet10  bobrisky-greenwich-meet-and-greet12-600x1067 bobrisky-greenwich-meet-and-greet13


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