3rd Edition Cameroon Academy African Film Awards 2017


Cameroon Academy African Film Awards was conceived and established as a platform to engage, interact, nurture and promote both young and older actors and actresses of Cameroonian descent.

GClass is the  organiser of the Cameroon Academy African Film Awards 2017.


It also aims to serve as an interface between actors, the corporate world, film institutions and government agencies. The 2017 Cameroon Movie Awards night is designed to Motivate, inspire, entertain and promote Cameroon actors and producers.

Event to be held on the 4th November 2017

The  event will also bring together entrepreneurs, companies, investors and employers; which will give it its Entertainment &
Business Night life.

Best Producer

  • Who Am I -Stella Maris
  • Talking Dolls Marc Adebesin
  • Help – Tolu Yesufu
  • Swap INTENTION- Tania Bibish Elad
  • DESECRATION – Bode Odetoye
  • Gold Dust Ikenga – Malcolm Benson

Best Actress in a Leading Role

  • Who Am I – Stella Maris O,
  • Ndonne –   Loveline Bauer
  • Talking Dolls – Belinda Effah
  • Help – Tolu Yesufu
  • Maalle Ngongang Elisabeth
  • Swap INTENTION -Tania Bibish Elad
  • DESECRATION – Rita Dominic
  • Stollen Beads Victoria Nicolas
  • Expression – Nsang Dilong
  • House wife and girlfriend – Funmi Ogidan Bello
  • Top Range-        Rita Akpojotor

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Best Actor in a Leading  Role

  • Who Am I -Francis Nduka
  • Ndonne Philip Serge Macauley
  • Talking Dolls Daniel K Daniel
  • 2nd Wife Olakunle Samuel
  • Help Daniel Lloyds
  • Maalle Corson Chinepoh
  • DESECRATION Joseph Benjamin
  • Stollen Beads Ken-Shally
  • Life Point Gerald Essomba

Best Director

  • Who Am I Peace Osigbe
  • Talking Dolls Sukie Oduwole
  • Maalle Alsambom N. 7Ashu Egbe
  • Swap INTENTION Akim Macauley
  • DESECRATION Niyi Towolawi


Best Actress in a Supporting Role

  • Who Am I – Adaeze Etoniru / Ngozi Thompson
  • Ndonne   -Naya Ruphina   /  Melvin Melve
  • Talking Dolls- Tamara Komboye /  Yetunde Oduwole / Marie Gomez Sarkis
  • Help – Funmi Ogidan
  • Maalle – Laura Onyama
  • Swap INTENTION – Edith Pikwa / Elian mambo / Yvonne Jolie
  • DESECRATION – Nicola Alexis
  • Life Point –  Tabi Ayuk Tambi
  • Expression –   Yijika Solange

Best Actor in Supporting Role

  • Who Am I –  Nonso Kwaiwo
  • Ndonne –  Njoume Roberto
  • Talking Dolls –  Mofe Duncan / Kunle Oladeji
  • Maalle – Ralph Obi
  • Swap INTENTION – Sama Emma /   Terrence Limona
  • DESECRATION – Max Cavenham
  • Life Point – Nkanya Nkwai

Best Editor

  • Talking Dolls Sukie Oduwole
  • Maalle – Christ G
  • DESECRATION Niyi Towolawi & Gbenga Ajayi
  • Who Am I –  Magnus Edozie

Best Costume Design

  • Who Am I – Stella Maris
  • Talking Dolls – Unique Grace
  • DESECRATION Precious  Adewale


  • Who Am I – Eric Lancer
  • Talking Dolls – Renatha Bianchi
  • Maalle – Chia Kisuh
  • DESECRATION – Ruaraid Achilleos-Sarll

Best Sound Design

  • Talking Dolls – Michael Truth Ogunlade
  • DESECRATION – Pasquin Mariani

Best Picture

  • Who Am I – Stella Maris      =       Maris Prod.
  • Talking Dolls = Marc Adebesin  =   Bluewaters Solutions
  • Swap INTENTION =  Tebo Njei
  • DESECRATION = Bode Odetoye   =     KHERUT FILMS

Recognition AWARD: Cameroon producer star recognition award

  • Wendy Sonkey-  Cameroon producer recognition star award
  • Goretti Echu –Egbe- Cameroon producer star recognition award
  • Roseline Forkwa – Cameroon producer star recognition award
  • Roseline Sanni- Nollywood Star Recognition Award
  • Brun Njua- Cameroon producer star recognition award
  • Ken Smart,-Nollywood UK star Recognition award
  • Bertini Heumegni
  • ( digner super model actor)

Best presenter

  • Apai—ketuya Matchan –Cameroon
  • Best Presenter Nollywood – Doyin Olabode

Fashion Stylist Recognition award

  • Winifred Nchang

Cameroon -Best Blogger recognition award

  • Bandy KIKI

Cameroon Best Fashion stylist /Magazine recognition Award –


Hilda Ngelo

Best Gospel Artist

  • Oheamia Jacky- Ghana
  • Sophy-Yah

UK Best Promoter

  • Promoter Danny Erskine
  • Nollypeek Entertainment and partner’s ltd
  • Smade
  • CoKo Bar
  • DJAMEDIA (DJ Abass)

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