Controversial Crossdresser, Bobrisky Reveals Plans To Get Pregnant Soon


Yesterday, the famous crossdresser revealed a private longing: that he wishes to get pregnant and bear the child of his partner. “Really wish I can carry my bae’s baby because I love my bae,” said the SnapChat star. “I want something to bind us together.”

Bobrisky continues to express himself on his social media pages, refusing to cower under the intense criticisms he faces daily. Many times, he claps back at the trolls – from blocking them from his pages, to threatening to snatch their inheritance. “Your dads wants me,” he once told trolls.

Yesterday, he also invited fans to come feast with him today at his housewarming.

Now, the SnapChat star speaks of a personal longing – the dreams of giving birth to a child, and he says he yearns for this not because he is a gold-digger. “Bae is lovely,” he says.

Read his note:



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