Cristiano Ronaldo Acquires £98,000 Mercedes-AMG GLE



Real Madrid and Portuguese National team captain, Cristiano Ronaldo has just copped a deserveda N58m (£98,000) Mercedes-AMG GLE to celebrate his success in 2016.

Ronaldo swept almost all team and individual honours winning the Champions League, Euro 2016, Ballon d’Or and Club World Cup before being named Global’s Best Player of the Year.

“New beast,” he captioned the photo of the latest addition to his already extravagant garage.

He can certainly afford it as he recently declared income of over 225 million euros in 2015, including 20 million euros held in 22 Swiss bank accounts.

The Portuguese international earned 203.7 million euros outside of Spain and 23.5 million inside the country, according to a copy of his 2015 tax return obtained by daily newspaper El Mundo.

The figures match the details of the player’s income published by the player’s management company Gestifute, which argued they show Ronaldo was in compliance with Spain’s tax authority.

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