Denrele talks about his experience on the set of the movie, Pepper Soup


What he wrote below…They say that true artists suffer for their craft, but perhaps no artist has suffered like myself on this hustle of ours! The moment I got the script titled #Peppersoup from Grace Oboba Edwin-Okon with me Denrele as the lead character, I just wanted to jump on board! And yes, I jumped on in my gangsta mode!

Whilst shooting the first scene, I was supposed to pass out but in a bid to make it convincing, I fell on my face and accidentally split my eye brow area open! I bled like crazy!!! REAL BLOOD!!!

The producer wanted to strike set and cancel the shoot but I refused! Say what? First rule: the show must go on! And I was kinda lucky we were shooting in an hospital (Pinnacle Medical centre) so there were nurses to dress the wound.

Had to add some extra extra extension to my hair to hide the plaster….And I got back on set like nothing happened! I’m was in a lot of pain buy hey…Pinnacle medical services and Derwin Productions had put too much into the project for Peppersoup to be scrapped..THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

I had fun shooting Peppersoup with Layole Oyatogun, Beverly Osu, Lisa Omorodion, Lilian Afegbai, Bryan Stevens and all the other cast members as well as the amazing crew the Executive producer Dr. Maymunah Kadiri, the director/producer Grace Oboba Edwin-Okon and everyone else who worked on Peppersoup. Here’s your favourite StageFaller with another beautiful FALL! #dustsShoulders

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