From Strobing to Non-touring even D.I.Y freckles, now we have the new buzz ‘Draping’

Now most people will be wondering (Which one is draping again o!). Draping is the latest makeup trend taking Instagram and You Tube makeup lovers by storm.

The draping technique actually dates back to the ’60s and the father of contouring: Way Bandy. Bandy was a renowned makeup artist during the Swinging Sixties and has worked with the likes of Cher, Farrah Fawcett, and Diana Ross, because they favored his natural but transformative techniques. And most importantly, he wanted beauty lovers to learn “how to sculpt based on their unique features, not face shape, which was a revolutionary concept at the time”. He was all about embracing your own beauty, rather than copying somebody else’s.

Now Marc Jacobs is pushing for a draping comeback in 2016 via his beauty brand’s latest offering which is Air Blush Soft Glow Duo, a compact consisting of two complementary cheek hues that can be used separately or together to create a luminous flush.

In a nutshell, draping is basically contouring using blush. Cosmopolitan explained, “Essentially, draping, is giving your face a sculpted glow using blush as opposed to a dark contouring product, ‘draping’ your angles in colour hence the name. The result is a softer, fresher approach to definition.”

NOW! lets make Bandy proud and drape this week. The following videos will help you master the technique.

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