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Myrtle & Olive is a full service catering company in North London, We specialise in African and Caribbean fusion cuisine for Weddings and Events.
Culinary innovation and impeccable service is the foundation of our business. From conception to execution, we deliver one-of-a kind menus.

Keji Aofiyebi Events
Brides planning a wedding is extremely stressful and time consuming !!!!
Let us take the stress off your hands !!!
We are an event design , management and planning solution .
Every event is unique so we offer a completely bespoke service .
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Apart from your yourselves, next most important thing to relieve your wedding are your photographs/video. This is why engaging an experienced photographer is important to immortalizing timeless moments. We believe your spending, efforts, sacrifices and time invested should not be left just in memories but actualised in your photographs.

Our style is contemporary reportage producing pictures that include traditional and creative views. We cover the obvious moments but also moments you didnt noice; moments that would make you laugh, bring a smile or a joyful tear to your face making you go ‘wao, had no clue that occured’.Impossible is a myth
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