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My name is Pavel Diaz, age 23 born and raised in South East London between the boroughs of Lewisham and Bromley. I currently work as a business document and communications controller in a British construction and civil engineering company known as Costain. At the moment, Costain’s aim is to deliver a new underground railway line which is due to open in 2018 to reduce the congestion of trains throughout London.

My roots lay in the beautiful dual islands Trinidad & Tobago. If I had to describe them in one word, the perfect definition is “Blissfulness”. Tobago is definitely the most quiet out of the 2 islands and is most likely where you’ll find me during my retirement years (unless I’ve bought my own island). If there was ever a time to visit Trinidad, I would highly recommend doing so during carnival season in order to experience the most out of our culture. Make sure you bring a bottle of rum!!! The other side of my heritage is Tanzania which within 2016 I have learnt to appreciate. I still have a lot to learn about east Africa but one thing I do know is combined I am from T&T&T!

Although I’ve kept it under wraps for the last year, I am an undercover producer and lyricist with my debut aimed for summer 2016. Music is a momentous passion of mine which I intend to convert into a career within the next few years. My styles consist of Hip Hop, R&B and Soulful music. Soca is another genre I aim to integrate over time as a way of keeping in touch with my roots but this will definitely require some time.


Surprisingly, music actually led to me into my recent found path in modelling. My first attempt to perform a song on stage resulted in my being overwhelmed with stage fright. At that point I realised there’s more to pursuing a career in music than just writing and memorising lyrics. If one lacks confidence in their self then it’s impossible to put your all into entertaining an audience. My new mission was to improve my confidence at presenting myself in front of crowds. Females often told me that I’d make a good model due to my soft facial features, well maintained hair and defined physique. I’ve always been one to just go with the flow of life so I figured that modelling would be a great chance to personally work on boosting my confidence whilst developing a new attribute. Since the beginning of my journey as a model I have gained a massive confidence boost which has allowed me to excel further than I had originally expected. At my first fashion show I remember being so petrified of the crowd that I completely forgot the routine. Surprisingly as soon as I was on the runway it felt like my body went onto autopilot. All the things which my choreographer had taught me just seemed to flow without even thinking about it. That sense of fear quickly turned into excitement which even led to me free styling a wedding themed couples walk with an industry professional in order to close the show.  Ever since that day I decided that I would strive to further myself as a model in order to reach even greater levels of self-confidence.  I was blessed enough to meet the multi-award winning choreographer, “Reuben P Joseph” who has pushed and motivated me to always strive for greater heights.13227664_10208623762565703_5159252775916225666_o13304973_10208676006471768_1257647613013049325_o

My career in pageantry started this year as I entered the Mr & Miss Black Beauty UK 2016 competition. I had no idea what to expect from an experience like this but I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge. I knew that I no longer feared presenting myself on a stage and that was good enough for me. In reality I had never done public speaking before and thought it would be a piece of cake.. NOPE! Both times at the finals when the mic was handed to me I shivered and struggled to get my points across and failed to make it into the final 3 male contestants. By the end of the night I had a mic phobia and just wanted to forget all about pageantry. Unfortunately for me that was not an option since I had previously entered an additional pageant called Mr & Miss United Kingdom Continents. At this point all I could do is prepare myself for the competition which followed 2 weeks after the Black Beauty pageant. I decided to seek advice from the winner of the black beauty pageant, “Voltaire Taiwo de Campos”, the second runner up “Prince Arnold Mbeng Obi” and our pageant mentor “Giuseppe Nkansah”. Although it was impossible to cure my new found fear of mics, both of their advice plus their confidence in public speaking motivated me enough to travel to Birmingham with the aim to bring home the title of Mr United Kingdom Continents. Surprisingly enough, I did just that and came home a king. Unfortunately 2 weeks later the discrimination began when the international founders in the Philippines decided that a black man should not be representing the UK and had the audacity to tell the UK founder that I should represent the country of my native heritage in their pageant whilst giving my UK title to the Caucasian runner up in my competition. The battle lasted a week and then my title was stripped for a false reason such as “you are not tall enough to have the title of Mr UK Continents”.  They went as far as to lie about the competitions height restrictions so the battle of injustice continues as I prepare to take this to court.13411768_10153886121584915_6414833454478520423_o [5294663]

Surprisingly none of that put me off pageantry and competitions. I then travelled to the Face of the World UK finals and walked out a winner and one of 7 UK finalists who will represent the UK at the Face of the World International finals in September. After this, things escalated quite quickly. Between now and December I have 7 competitions which I will be taking part in, some national and some international.10455332_1677677282499602_3416104428219269623_n

  • Mr British Isles – Representative of South East London – 26/06/2016 – Liverpool
  • Mr & Miss West Indies UK – Representative of Trinidad & Tobago – 21/08/2016 – London
  • Mr & Miss Worldwide – Representative of Trinidad & Tobago – 03/09/2016
  • Face of the World International – Representative of the UK –17/09/2016 – Birmingham
  • Mister Universal Ambassador – Representative of the UK –20/09/2016 to 30/09/2016 – Indonesia
  • Mister Africa International – Representative of Tanzania –22/10/2016 – London
  • Mister Model International – Representative of Trinidad & Tobago – 24/10/2016 to – 06/11/2016 – India

A lot of people think I’ll crash and burn participating in all of these competitions in 1 year. Others also wonder how I intend to take on the world whilst I’m still yet to gain full confidence in public speaking.  Simply put, that’s exactly why I am doing this! My days of fearing intense competition are long gone. I strive to take on the best in order to also reach their level.  I have three months in order to prepare for the most hectic winter I’ll ever have but you can be sure that I’ll make the most of this time.

If I was to describe myself in one word, it would be “Ambitious”.

Aside from working, modelling and music, my spare time is utilised spending time with family and catching up with friends. Health and wellbeing is a big part of my life as I see my body as a temple. This is done through healthy eating and regular training in the gym. You will never know the true meaning of restriction until you try my extreme no/low carb diet! No bread, rice, pasta, cereal or and form of sugar related products allowed. What do I survive off? The answer is simply meat, green vegetables and water.

When there’s further time to spare, I usually dedicate it to watching Japanese animation AKA Anime. Originally I started watching Anime to kill time during boredom but quite quickly became intrigued in Japanese culture. I am currently in the process of learning Japanese solely from watching subtitled anime. At first I didn’t even notice until one day I was in the presence of two Japanese females speaking in their native language. I am at a stage where I can understand most subjects and certain words in any spoken sentence.


The 2 days I look forward to most each year is Notting Hill Carnival. Every year I play in Notting Hill Carnival with one of the bands I associate with. One of my life goals is to experience all the carnivals across the Caribbean and the world so that I can see how each nationalities culture has adapted from the original festival. By the age of 30 I hope to of successfully opened on my own business and to take the necessary steps towards buying my own island. One’s self is the ultimate antagonist when trying to achieving success so I make sure to keep an eye on the guy in the mirror. I believe that nobody in this world apart from me is influential enough to halt my desires for greatness.

“My journey through life is lengthy but what makes it most fun is looking back and seeing just how far I’ve come”  – Pavel Diaz

Facebook: Pav.De  –  https://www.facebook.com/Pav.De


Instagram:SenPai_P  –  https://www.instagram.com/senpai_p/

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