Finsbury Park ‘terror attack’ on Muslim worshippers


These are the first images of a man being held by police after a van drove into a crowd of Muslims in the street in Finsbury Park.

The attack happened close to a mosque and a Muslim centre in north London shortly after midnight.

There are fears that at least two people have been killed and witnesses said the suspect stabbed at least one person.

Footage taken at the scene shows members of the crowd pinning the suspect to the floor.

He is later put into the back of a police van with anger growing towards him as officers try to bundle him away.


Some people call for calm and form a barrier around the police as they put him into the van.

Others shout angrily ‘Why did you do that?’.

Ratip Alsulaimen told the Press Association several people were injured when they were struck by the vehicle.

He said: ‘I was sitting in the coffee shop just a couple of minutes away. One of our friends was reporting what was going on in the front of the mosque.

‘He said the car was smashing into the people getting out of the mosque, so we just ran away, all of us, and came to see what’s happening.

‘When I came I saw ambulance people taking people to the ambulance. I think between eight to 10 people were taken away.

First pictures of suspect in Finsbury Park 'terror attack' on Muslim worshippers
There are at least 10 people involved in the incident in Finsbury Park, North London (Picture: Rex Shutterstock)

‘There was an old man – about 60 years old – I don’t know if he’s alive or dead. There were other people, mid-30 to 40. There are men and women.

‘We are shocked when we heard the news because we were just having a good time. We were praying for peace and for Grenfell Tower.

‘When we heard this we were actually shocked.’

Abdikadar Warfa said: ‘I saw a man underneath the van. He was bleeding. My friend said he had to lift the van, I was busy with a man who tried to escape.

First pictures of suspect in Finsbury Park 'terror attack' on Muslim worshippers
A group of Muslims gathered to pray close to the scene (Picture: PA)

‘My friend said he said some words, but I didn’t hear it.

‘They (people who were hit) were mostly young. They are very bad.

‘I tried to stop him (the suspect), some people were hitting him but I said stop him and keep him until the police came.

‘He was trying to run away but people overpowered him. He was fighting to run away.’

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