Floyd Mayweather: Boxing legend orders $2.5m super car from Nigerian dealer


Floyd Mayweather set to acquire rare supercar worth $2.5 million

Nigerian luxury car dealer, Obi Okeke reportedly set to supply boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather with $2.5 million rare supercar.

Floyd Mayweather is set to acquire a new luxury car to his fleet and he is placing his order via a Nigerian dealer.

The supercar reportedly worth $2.5 million is called the KODE57 enji, and had its very first sample put up on display at an exclusive car show in Pebble Beach today, August 20, 2016, TMZ reports.

Obi Okeke who is Floyd’s car dealer for the supercar confirmed the order to TMZ.

“This is a car Floyd has been highly interested in and psyched about getting.

“I have been working on this project for 6 years and Floyd has been my main target in getting this car … so he is pretty excited in finally seeing it and getting it.”

Okeke also revealed that only five of the cars would be made and his accomplishment in being one of the representatives to sell the car.

“I am the only representative in North and South America to sell this car.”

Mayweather has never pinched money when it comes to his extravagant lifestyle and he definitely doesn’t plan to start now.

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