Forbes Releases List Of Top 100 Highest-Paid Entertainers For 2017



Forbes has released its list of the top 100 highest-paid entertainers and Sean “Diddy” Combs is top of the tree. Cristiano Ronaldo took the fifth spot.
Combs earnings of $130m (£102m) pushed him up from last year’s 22nd spot.
His success is down to his recent US tour, a marketing deal with a vodka company and selling one third of his Sean John clothing line.
Beyonce and JK Rowling took second and third spot, but women comprise just 16% of the world’s top-earning celebrities.
Newcomers include Kylie Jenner, at number 59, who is the youngest list member at the age of 19. Her earnings come from her family’s reality TV show – Keeping Up with the Kardashians – her namesake cosmetics company and clothing line, plus various endorsements.
Half of the top 10 are made up of musicians, while two athletes – Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and basketball star LeBron James – also make the cut.
Below is the list:
1. Sean Combs $130million
2. Beyoncé  $105million 
3. J.K. Rowling  $95million 
4. Drake  $94million 
5. Cristiano Ronaldo  $93million 
6. The Weeknd  $92million  
7. Howard Stern  $90million 
8. Coldplay  $88million 
9.  James Patterson $87million 
10. LeBron James  $86million  
11. Guns N’ Roses  $84million 
11. Rush Limbaugh  $84million 
13. Justin Bieber   $83.5million 
14. Lionel Messi  $80million 
15. Dr. Phil McGraw  $79million 
16. Ellen DeGeneres  $77million 
17. Bruce Springsteen  $75million 
18. Adele  $69million 
18. Jerry Seinfeld $69million 
20. Mark Wahlberg  $68million 
21.  Metallica $66.5million 
22. Dwayne Johnson  $65million 
23. Roger Federer  $64million 
24. David Copperfield  $61.5million 
25. Kevin Durant  $60.6million 
26. Garth Brooks  $60million 
26. Elton John  $60million 
26. Gordon Ramsay  $60million 
29. Ryan Seacrest  $58million 
30. Chris Rock  $57million 
31. Vin Diesel  $54.5million 
32. Paul McCartney  $54million 
32. Red Hot Chili Peppers  $54million 
34. Louis C.K.  $52million 
35. Jimmy Buffett  $50.5million 
35. Adam Sandler  $50.5million 
37. Andrew Luck  $50million 
37. Rory McIlroy  $50million 
39. Jackie Chan  $49million 
40. Calvin Harris  $48.5million 
41. Robert Downey Jr.   $48million 
42, Stephen Curry   $47.3million 
43. Dave Chappelle  $47million 
43. Judy Sheindlin  $47million 
45. James Harden  $46.6million 
46. Lewis Hamilton  $46million 
47. Kim Kardashian West  $45.5million 
48. Drew Brees  $45.3million 
49. Taylor Swift  $44million 
50. Simon Cowell  $43.5million 
50. Phil Mickelson  $43.5million 
52. Tom Cruise  $43million 
53. Kenny Chesney  $42.5million 
53. Steve Harvey  $42.5million 
55. Luke Bryan  $42million 
55. Celine Dion  $42million 
55. Jay-Z  $42million 
58. Sofia Vergara  $41.5million 
59. Kylie Jenner  $41million 
60. Bruno Mars  $39million 
60. Tiesto  $39million 
62. Russell Westbrook  $38.6million 
63. Sebastian Vettel  $38.5million
64. Damian Lillard  $38.4million 
65. Shah Rukh Khan  $38million 
65. Jennifer Lopez  $38million 
65. The Chainsmokers  $38million 
68. Novak Djokovic  $37.6million 
69. Amy Schumer  $37.5million 
70. Tiger Woods  $37.1million 
71. Salman Khan  $37million 
71. Neymar  $37million 
71. Bill O’Reilly  $37million 
71. Dolly Parton  $37million 
71. Ed Sheeran  $37million 
76. Dwayne Wade  $36.2million 
77. Fernando Alonso  $36million 
77. Sean Hannity  $36million 
77. Rihanna  $36million 
80. Bon Jovi  $35.5million 
80. Akshay Kumar  $35.5million 
82. Billy Joel  $35million 
83.  Dr. Dre $34.5million 
83. Florida Georgia Line  $34.5million 
83. Toby Keith  $34.5million 
83. Jordan Spieth  $34.5million 
87. Derrick Rose  $34.3million 
88. Usain Bolt  $34.2million 
89. Gareth Bale  $34million 
89. Conor McGregor  $34million 
89. Britney Spears  $34million 
92. Kei Nishikori  $33.9million 
93. Fletcher Cox  $33.4million 
94. Clayton Kershaw  $33.3million 
95. Chance The Rapper  $33million 
95. Katy Perry   $33million 
97. Carmelo Anthony  $32.6million 
98. Jason Aldean  $32.5million 
98. Kevin Hary  $32.5million 
100. Zlatan Ibrahimovic  $32million 


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