London is set to host the greatest gathering of Africa’s film Stars as African Voice Newspapers UK, the organisers of the annual African Film Awards announce the nominees for the 21st edition.

The African Film Awards this year witnessed over 100 entries from across the world. The Awards Jury has nominated great new talents and established names in the industry.

London will host the glamorous awards ceremony to announce the winners of Africa’s most prestigious film awards at a gathering of cultural ambassadors, diplomats, business moguls and celebrities at the historic Stratford Town Hall on Saturday 4th November 2017.

The evening will also witness investiture ceremony for deserving African Leaders who will be honored with 2017 African Voice Leadership Awards. The 2017 African Voice Leadership Honours List include Chief Dele Momodu who is to be recognised for Leadership in Enterprise Development and others who have shown dedication to the economic growth of Africa.

Recipients from the Diaspora include Rev. Julius Oladipo Shebioba, Dr. Richard Fasunloye and Patrick Campbell whose leadership contributions has helped community integration and cohesion in the United Kingdom.photo 4

Veteran Actress Golda John Abiola, Co-Founder and Event Director said, the journey of 21years of African Film Awards has positively portrayed Nollywood across the world.

The Jury recognises outstanding achievements and great strive for excellence among the Diaspora filmmakers. Two films, Desecration and Talking Dolls got the highest nominations in 8 categories:

Desecration got Award nomination for Best feature film, Award for Best Producer, Award for Best Screenplay, Award for Best Director, Award for Best Supporting Actor, Award for Best Supporting actress, Award for African Actor of the Year and Award for African Actress of the Year.15057229_1073131349451109_2940181662761222144_n

While, Talking Dolls got Award nominations for African Actor & Actress of the Year, Award nomination for Best Director, Best Actress in Supporting role, Best actor in Supporting role, Best Producer, Best Screen play and Best Feature Film.

Others with six to seven nominations are the movie HelpIn A Strange Land and Unpredictable Romance.


Top actresses like Rita Dominic (Desecration) and Belinda Effah (Talking Dolls) will slug it out in the African Actress of the Year category while Nigeria’s Joseph Benjamin(Desecration), Daniel K Daniel (Talking Dolls), Daniel Lloyds (Help) and Rotimi Salami(Not Yet Married) compete to win in the category of Best African Actor of the Year.

Other finalists from Africa’s fast growing film industry popularly known as Nollywood and those from the (Hausa Language category) are:

Nafisat Abdullahi, Idris Hafsat Ahmed, Kamal Sani Alkali, Ramadan BoothHamisu Lamido Iyantama, Ibrahim Halima Yusuf, and Sani Ahmed Yaro and from (African Film in Yoruba Language category) are: Abiola Adebayo (Best supporting Actress), Yomi Fabiyi Best Actor in Supporting Role) and Laide Bakare (Best Actress).

Prince Mike Abiola, Founder & Chairman of the African Film Awards said, “The annual awards, organised by African Voice Newspaper UK is aimed at celebrating excellence in the growing film industry and building global icons. Congratulations to all the African Film Awards 2017 nominees”.


Below are the list of 2017 nominees:

From the fast rising stars of (UK Nollywood):

  1. The nominees for the Best Actress in Lead Role are:
  • Tolulope Yesufu HELP
  • Funmilayo Awolo Unpredictable Romance
  • Roseline Sanni Ajose IN A STRANGE LAND
  • Jenneh Amadu Kamanda 2nd Wife

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  1. The nominees for the Best Actor in Lead Role are:
  • Danny Erskine Unpredictable Romance
  • Olukunle Samuel Fafowora 2nd Wife
  • William Kemeh IN A STRANGE LAND

  1. The nominees for the Best Actor in Supporting Role are:
  • Tudor Leaf Unpredictable Romance
  • Kunle Oladeji Talking Dolls
  • Ken Smart 2nd Wife
  • Malcom A Benson Gold Dust Ikenga
  • Max Cavenham Desecration

 The nominees for the Best Actress in Supporting Role are:

  • Helen Gold Osabutey HELP
  • Nicola Alexis DESECRATION
  • Ngozi Thompson IN A STRANGE LAND
  • Marie Gomez Sarkis Talking Dolls
  • Sibongile Radebe Unpredictable Romance

  1. The nominees for ScreenPlay are:
  • Desecration by Bode Odetoye
  • Help by Tolulope Yesufu
  • Talking Dolls by Franklin Ubi
  • 2nd Wife by Hadiza Mohammed


  1. The nominees for Best Feature Films are:
  • DESECRATION by Bode Odetoye
  • Help by Tolulope Yesufu
  • IN A STRANGE LAND by Roseline Sanni Ajose
  • Talking Dolls by Sukie Oduwole
  • Unpredictable Romance by Francis Uwadi
  • Who Am I by Stella Maris Okafor


  1. The nominees for Best indigenous movie are:
  • Who Am I by Stella Maris Okafor
  • Broken Bride By George Kelly
  1. The nominees for Best UK Producer are:
  • IN A STRANGE LAND by Roseline Sanni Ajose
  • Who Am I by Stella Maris Okafor
  • Talking Dolls by Marc Adebesin
  • Gold Dust Ikenga by Malcom Benson
  1. The nominees for (Special Category) Best Executive Producer are:
  • LABO – Dr. Sunday Popoola
  •     PRISCA’S PRODUCTIONS – Rev. Dr Prisca Richards
  •     18 Carat Mama – Mr. Godwin Osabutey
  1. The nominees for Short Films are:
  • Lodgers by Keni Ogunlola
  • Sambisa by Uche Aguh
  • Yemoja: Rise of the Orisa by Nosa Igbinedion
  1. The nominees for Best Director are:
  •      Unpredictable Romance Francis Uwadi
  • DESECRATION Niyi Towolawi
  • Talking Dolls Sukie Oduwole
  • IN A STRANGE LAND Teru Ekuerhare


  1. The nominees for Best Actress (TV Series) are:
  • Funmi Ogidan Bello Housewives & Girlfriends
  • Moji Bamtefa Meet The Adebanjos
  • Nayo Jobson Concealed


  1. The nominees for Best Actress in Supporting Role (TV Series) are:
  • Helen Gold Osabutey – Housewives & Girlfriends
  • Moji Bamtefa – Meet The Adebanjos
  • Tayo Anthonio – Concealed


  1. The nominees for Best African Actor of The Year are:
  • Daniel K Daniel Talking Doll
  • Chiwentalu Agu Who Am I
  • Joseph Benjamin DESECRATION
  • Daniel Lloyd HELP
  • Rotimi Salami Not Yet Married


  1. The nominees for Best African Actress of The Year are:
  • Belinda Effah Talking Doll
  • Rita Dominic DESECRATION


  1. Finalist from African Film in (Hausa Language category) are:
  • Nafisat Abdullahi (Outstanding Actress)
  • Idris Hafsat Ahmed (Best Actress)
  • Kamal Sani Alkali (Best Director)
  • Ramadan Booth (Best Actor)
  • Hamisu Lamido Iyantama (Best Producer)
  • Ibrahim Halima Yusuf (Best Actress in Supporting Role)
  • Sani Ahmed Yaro (Best Actor in Supporting Role)


  1. Finalist from African Film in Yoruba Language category) are:
  • Abiola Adebayo (Best supporting Actress)
  • Yomi Fabiyi Best Actor in Supporting Role)
  • Laide Bakare (Best Actress)


  1. The nominees for Best Actor (UK – TV Series) are:
  • Zackary Momoh BBC Series Doctor
  • Van Vicker Housewives & Girlfriends
  • Arinze Kene Shave The Cat


  1. The nominees for Best Actor in Supporting Role (UK – TV Series) are:
  • Damson Idris BBC series Casualty
  • Ken Smart Housewives & Girlfriends
  • Joshua Okusanya Sambisa


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