Gunz started gaining major attention after releasing the single ‘Fresh Out the Kitchen’ which gained major spins across radio stations in Abuja. He later went on to form his own group of rappers and singers from his neighborhood. The crew called itself ‘ILLVILLE GANG’ and collaborated to individually promote themselves. Around that period, he dropped his first compilation a mixtape titled ‘The +234 Mixtape’ in 2012 which was received with critical acclaim.

After returning from Brazil to Nigeria on a 3 months’ vacation in 2013, he released the singles ‘Black Wizard’ and ‘Broken Heart’ which began to command social media attention therefore leading to his online followership.

He has then gone on to release a large number of music material till date.

Gunzz has been on top of several Nigerian’s online rap competitions. He won the Jaguda/Kid konnect rap competition, and came top 10 in the radio palm-wine rap competition and most notably came top 10 in the Vector/Notjustok-KingKong rap competition amongst others. The latter earned him a spot on the 2015 Hennessy Cypher with A list Nigerian Rapper ‘Ill-bliss’ amongst other notable rappers.

His style of rap can mostly be described as poetry filled with word plays and witty punchlines. He has been likened with the rappers J. Cole and G-Eazy and considered to be one of the most underrated rappers in Nigeria.

The philosophy of Gunzz revolves around love and happiness. He has often stressed his belief in an attainable ‘Utopia’. He is extremely passionate about music and often described as very emotional which is visible in his music.

Currently, Gunzz is working on his EP which is titled ‘Once Upon A goD’ which would be released towards the middle of 2016.

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