Just concluded Audition for LMI & Hekcentric


The much publicized audition for casts in a new short film to be directed by award winning director,Niyi Towolawi of Hekcentrik productions took place some days ago at Harmony Christian Centre in London.
It brought the true multicultural nature and vibe of London City to bare judging by the different nationalities that turned up.

IMG_6514 IMG_6568
IMG_6403 IMG_6392
IMG_6576 IMG_6492 IMG_6606
IMG_6592 IMG_6532 IMG_6412 IMG_6591 IMG_6585
IMG_6587 IMG_6422 IMG_6399 IMG_6418 IMG_6601


Musicnestradio presents pictures from the event.enjoy!IMG_6635 IMG_6392 IMG_6620 IMG_6446 IMG_6492 IMG_6582 IMG_6540
IMG_6601 IMG_6418 IMG_6399 IMG_6422 IMG_6587 IMG_6501 IMG_6585 IMG_6591 IMG_6412 IMG_6532 IMG_6592 IMG_6518 IMG_6606 IMG_6492 IMG_6576
Pictures – Marc Adebesin – MusicnestradioIMG_6635

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