Kanye West Fires 30 Staff For Disgracing Him At New Your Fashion Show, Intends To Do Same To Security Detail For Failure To Protect Kim From Robbers


The 39-year-old rapper, a source told the New York Post, ‘had a nervous breakdown’ and ‘a massive meltdown’ in the wake of his Yeezy Season 4 fashion show held September 7 as part of New York Fashion Week – and heads started to roll soon thereafter.

He had his agent fire all 30 of his staff after the fashion show and got rid of his phone so people can only contact him via e-mail,’ an insider told the paper. ‘He had a nervous breakdown after the show and that’s what triggered it all.’

Another anonymous tip came in yesterday by an unnamed employee  stating that the hip-hop star just had another nervous breakdown following the recent robbery where his wife, Kim was relieved of valuables running into millions of dollars.

“Someone gonna pay, believe me!” The anonymous tip said quoting his boss, Kanye on the arrival to the hotel where Kim was being nursed by paramedics.
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