lies you probably believe thanks to Nollywood movies


Every returnee must have a weird accent and vomiting is the first sign of pregnancy: here are seven lies movies tell.

Films do have an impact on people. They affect how people view romance, culture and life in general.
How long the influence lasts varies as certain ideas and beliefs, which were widespread in the 90s, have now evolved and are no longer acceptable.
Anyway, Pulse Movies has put together seven lies you probably believe about life, thanks to Nollywood movies.
1. Every returnee must have an accent or dress a certain way

Every returnee as often interpreted by Jim Iyke, Charles Okocha and Hanks Anuku, must have an incomprehensible accent, wear sneakers and unattractive chains around their necks.
2. That royalties in Nigeria walk around with maids dressed in heavy outfits
Nollywood has an exaggerated depiction of royalty
Royalties don’t hustle or even have businesses to attend to – they simply walk around in outrageous outfits, flanked by equally exaggerated maids.
3. Every bad occurrence is spiritual and probably from the village
Chiwetalu Agu AKA the wicked uncle in Nollywood movies

Once you lose your job, fall ill, lose a loved one or your property; your village people are at work.
Nobody has said that there’s no ‘wicked’ uncle in the village chasing you around in the city, but, perhaps, your laziness or mistakes could just be the reason for all your problems.
4. Every good woman/man must have a happy ending

Movies propagate several stereotypes, including that if a woman dresses indecently, smokes, carries out an abortion or is a hooker, no man would genuinely look her way.
It’s either she dies during an abortion, becomes the ‘moral of the story,’ gets married and doesn’t have children or interestingly, loses the man to a “humble and nice girl.”
Plot twist: Anyone can find true love and enjoy a happy marriage, including members of the ‘bad gang.’
Also, not every ‘suffer head’ or sob story has a happy ending.
5. Vomiting is the first symptom of pregnancy
Nollywood Pregnancy meme (Twitter )

This is such a cliche of pregnancy and has become the only way to announce that a movie character is pregnant.
Plot twist: Most pregnant women don’t even have the morning sickness symptom.
6. All Witches are ugly


Apparently, Nigerian filmmakers are yet to meet a sexy, hot and beautiful witch, who doesn’t tie a piece of white and red cloth around their body.
Also, they don’t all live in the village.







7. You will never have to choose between two amazing men or women
Thy Will be Doneplay
In “Thy Will Be Done,” Pastor Pius, a happily married pastor is torn between two wives; his first wife that he supposedly buried seven years ago and his present wife.
To save pastor Pius the turmoil, the writer creates a villain out of one of the women, and as expected, Pius goes for the good one.
Plot twist: In reality, you can be torn between two amazing men/women. Yes, it is a difficult situation, but no, nobody has to go rogue to make your decision an easy one.

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