Lola’s Slutty Tales: Taking care of Deola


By Lola Phillips… Using my index finger and thumb, I spread open her pussy lips to have a look. Her cunt looked pink and heavenly. Just as I liked it.“I cannot believe he would do that to me,” Deola said for the fourth time that night, racked with sobs. “I loved him; how could he break my heart this way?” I passed her another roll of tissues and sighed. I have been listening to Deola whine about her breakup for the past three hours.

In those hours, I witnessed her go through some stages of grief. First, she was livid as she entered my room. She raged and cursed her now ex-boyfriend for choosing to stick his dick in another woman’s hole. She swore she would get even and show him what she was made of.

A couple of hours after that, she turned cheerful and optimistic. It was at this time that I broke out a bottle of wine because evidently, we are cheering the ‘end of her dealing with an asshole like him.’ Deola went on and on about how she would find an amazing guy someday and the ex will regret ever cheating on her.

I held out hope that this meant she is in a better spirit and might be leaving our house soon. I hoped my aunt did not hear her wailing and ranting because the last thing I wanted to do was spend the next day explaining what the noise in my room was all about.

Evidently, the alcohol was the catalyst to her getting to the next stage. After downing about three glasses, she burst into tears and spent the next few minutes reminiscing about when things were good with her and Ayo and how much she missed him. She cried about how she will never find someone again and will probably die single.

Personally, I think she was being over-dramatic about the whole thing. I had learned fast that there is only so much faith that you can put in men.

And sexually speaking, a man will always slip into the next hole that becomes available to him, regardless of whether or not he was in a relationship. The quicker girls like Deola accepted that fact, the better for them.

However, I held her as she mourned her relationship and tried to give her pep talks along the lines of ‘it will be fine,’ ‘he does not deserve you,’ and so on.

She nodded her head with tears in her eyes as I tried to give her positive words. She then proceeded to give me a tight hug. This was definitely not a good idea.

Deola was one of those skinny girls who happen to be blessed with ample boobs. Having her press her chest to me like that caused me to be even more aware of that.

I have had a few girl on girl experiences but since Martha, I tried not to get naughty with those I considered friends. So, even though I had always thought Deola was sexy, I never thought to pursue anything.

But her boobs against me like that were causing me to reconsider. It was almost 11pm, everyone had probably gone to bed at this time, it will be easy for Deola to spend the night and maybe I can truly take care of her and make her feel good.

I snapped out of these thoughts immediately, Deola probably was not interested in having a tryst with another woman anyway.

All these time, she was still in my arms and I realise she was probably wondering why I held on to her for so long. I cleared my throat and let go of her. She gave me a curious look and I smiled at her.

“Would you like to spend the night?” I asked her. “It is probably too late for you to start heading home now anyway.”

She nodded. “Thanks a lot, Lola, I would like that.”

I smiled at her again and got up so I could change into something more comfortable for bed. I left her sitting there as I took off my jeans and top.

I had started to take off my bra when I noticed Deola staring curiously at me again. When she noticed I had seen her, she gave an awkward smile and turned away.

‘Was she into me?’ I wondered. The thought caused excitement to bubble in my belly. I assumed she probably wasn’t but I had a little hope so I attempted to find out for sure.

I turned my back to her, removed the strap of my bra and took it off. I had a feeling she was still watching me, so I looked back at her, without turning fully towards her and saw her looking intently at me.

I smiled as I asked her if she wanted something to change to for the night. When she said ‘yes’, I headed to my wardrobe, wearing just a red pair of panties, to find her something to wear.

I chose a spaghetti strap nightie that will show off her cleavage. I walked towards her, well aware of my boobs bouncing and nipples perking up due to my naughty thoughts.

I gave her the dress, stood in front of her and pretended to be casually massaging my boobs. Now I absolutely know I was turning her on because she just about drooled as she watched me rub my boobs like that.

I turned my back to her again and this time slowly took off my panties. With my ass bent up in the air as I picked it up, I knew I was giving Deola a lot to look at.

I heard her clear her throat and I wondered how she was really feeling. I chose a simple top for myself to wear for the night. The top barely covered my ass, which was what I intended.

I walked on over to the bed, laid down and watched Deola get up to change clothes. The nightgown fitted her perfectly and her cleavage was poking out so sweetly through the dress.

I moved on the bed so there was space for her to join me. As soon as she laid down beside me, I moved closer to her and we laid side by side, watching each other.

“It will all be okay, babe,” I said to her as I put one hand on her waist in comfort.

She replicated that gesture as she put her hand over me too. I looked down towards her sexy cleavage and felt my excitement grow. I licked my lips and looked up at her, trying to decide whether to make my move.   As I looked up, she leaned in and kiss me.

The kiss was tentative at first but it got even more passionate as she moved closer to me so our boobs are pressed against each other.

I held her tightly at the waist and drove my tongue into her with desire. She moaned in my mouth and I pushed against her so I was lying on top of her.

I moved my mouth from hers and whispered in her ear. “Let me take care of you.” She nodded as I claimed her mouth again. I ran my hands around her sides, through the dip at her waist and settled near her ass.

She moaned and rubbed her body against me with need. I brought my mouth lower as I licked the line separating her boobs.

I slipped one boob out from the dress and began to lick her nipples. She threw her head back and moaned. I was glad she was having a good time.  I put a nipple in my mouth and sucked.

“Ahh… aah …ahh.. fuck..”  She moaned louder. I sucked the nipple until they hardened desperately in my mouth.  I proceeded to release the other boob and sucked at that until she was writhing underneath me.

I hiked up the dress and she raised her hands so I could take it off her. Watching her nipples get excited and hungry for me literally drove me nuts.

I leaned down to show those sexy boobs some more love, after which I slowly and seductively tongued my way down, towards her pussy.

I bent her knees and buried my head between them. l licked her inner thigh and teased my tongue closer to her pussy but I did not make contact yet. I wanted her to get as wet as possible before going down on her sweet spot.

Using my index finger and thumb, I opened her pussy lips to have a look. Her cunt looked pink and heavenly.

I could see her wetness as she anticipated me. I used my other finger and slid it in to feel the pussy tighten against me. I brought my finger out and entered again as she cried out in pleasure.

I did this over and over until my finger was covered with her pussy juice. As her breathing got even heavier, I slipped a second finger in. The fullness of two fingers drove her wild as she started bucking against my hand.

“Touch your boobs,” I said to her.

She did as she was told.  I watched her grab each boob with her hand and began stroking them. She moved her hands around them towards her nipples.

She arched her back as the feeling, mixed with the way I was fingering her, was driving her over the edge. I took out my fingers and she protested.

“Hold on, babe,” I whispered to her. I got up, leaving her to stroke her boobs and pleasure herself. I went to my wardrobe, opened it to find my dildo. It was big, black, and exactly what Deola needed.

I went back to settle between her open legs and continued to finger fuck her. She bit her lips as her pussy started spilling juice again. I put the tip of the artificial penis close to her entrance.

“Ready to get fucked good babe?” I asked her. She moaned and I took that as a ‘yes.’ I slowly inserted the head of the black cock in her and she reacted by pushing up her pelvis, wanting more cock.

I pushed it even deeper into her and she started bucking against it. I then slid the whole cock in and she cried out.

“Fuck me… fuck me… fuck, I’m coming,” she said, as she moved up to fuck the toy cock herself. Her hands were still on her nipples as she kept thrusting her hips up again and again, trying to get her pussy to swallow more cock.

I saw her hungry cunt tighten against the cock as she was racked in an intense wave of orgasm. She was panting as she tried to catch her breath. “Oh my God! Lola, that was amazing.”

I continued to fuck her after she came. In and out, I slid that cock until she bucked violently, again and again, looking like she was about to pass out from coming so much. I felt she had had enough.

I slipped out the cock which was now dripping with her cum. It was so wet that I imagined she must have cum really hard. My eyes and hers met as I slipped the cock into my mouth and started to suck the juice off.

I then laid down beside her and held her in my arms.

“It will all be okay,” I said again. “I am here for you. I will take care of you.”

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