LONDON TERROR ATTACK: Mother Of Terrorist Disowns Son, Says She’s Highly Disappointed And Ashamed



Mother of Youssef Zaghba

The mother of Youssef Zaghba says she is appalled by her son’s participation in last week’s deadly terror attack in London and vows to do what she can to stop such violence.
She says she is in shock that her son turned out to be one of the killers, and she hurts for the survivors of the victims, struggling to articulate what to say to them..
“There are no words,” 68-year-old Valeria Khalija Collina told the media.
“He met the wrong people,” she said in a CNN interview in Fagnano, near Bologna in northern Italy. “I don’t know what they did to him.
“I would have never believed that he would become a terrorist. Because Of this he has soiled the filter name with great dishonor. He is not the son I brought into this world”.
Sources: CNN, BBC World News
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