After sleeping with me several times, my boss wants me out’


What would you if you find yourself in the situation Miriam has found herself where her boss wants her out after sleeping with her several times? My name is Miriam, a 26-year-old lady. I have a story to tell about how my boss had sex with me several times in his office but now wants to get me sacked.  I am not proud to tell this story but I want other girls out there who indulge in office to romance to beware of the heartless men.

After searching for a job for four years after my graduation, I was lucky to be shortlisted for an interview with a digital firm in Lagos, but the proviso was that I had to go out with the man who was supposed to be my direct boss.

Initially, I rejected his advances because I had a steady boyfriend but some of my friends told me I was making a mistake in refusing to date the man, after all, he was offering me a well paying job and my boyfriend was just a struggling young man who could not provide me with the good things of life.

After ruminating on the advantages and disadvantages of dating my married boss, especially with the job coming with a car and great bonus, I accepted his offer and got the job. One thing I noticed immediately after I started the job was that my boss was a sex addict who never got tired of sex.

Right from day one, we began having sex and it became almost a daily affair as we had sex almost on a daily basis, in every imaginable place. We had sex in his office, in the toilet, at hotels, inside cars, in my house, almost everywhere the urge got to him.

In the process, I had to undergo three abortions for him since he did not want to have a child out of wedlock. My dalliance with him came with many goodies, both financially and otherwise. My poor boyfriend was not wise enough to see the changes as I also made sure he got part of the largess I was getting from sleeping with my boss.

But the cookies crumbled when a new girl was employed and my boss switched his attentions to her. In no time, they started sleeping together and when I complained to my boss cum lover, he told me plainly that he had had enough of me and wanted to cut off our relationship.

And that was when he began to show me his true colour as he made sure my car was collected and handed over to the new girl. Next to come was a transfer from my office to another one where I will be redundant and with lesser pay.

I complained to him and when he could not give me any reason for the humiliation, I lost my cool and insulted him in his office. The next day, I got a query from the Human Resources Manager. Just as I was battling to answer the query, I got a sack letter.

My friends have said I should take it up with my boss and tell the management that we were sleeping together but I am not sure I want to face such open shame.

Others are suggesting I should visit a native doctor to get a charm to get him back while others say I should just let it be.

What should I do in this situation?


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