Mother arrested after allowing 3 children to get tattoos


A 31 year old mother instructed her three children who are all under 13 to get tattoos on their ankles. The tattoos were inked on the minors by their  after their mother’s boyfriend’s brother who is a registered sex offender to give them tattoos.
According to KTBC, the children’s father noticed the tattoos after he picked them up from their mother’s house..

The kids got tattoos of an infinity sign, a cross and a heart with an arrow through it. Their father immediately reported it to the Police.
When asked by police, the children said their mum told them to get the tattoos but not to whine or cry about it and that she was also allegedly drunk when she gave consent.

The children’s father is now seeking for primary custody.

Weir was arrested for tattoos prohibited for minors, which is a misdemeanor.

She has been arrested in the past for 3 Driving Under the Influence, 1 driving without a valid license, 1 resisting arrest and 2 public intoxication.

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