[PHOTO] ‘It Is Unscriptural For Christians To Work On Sabbath Day,’ – Archbishop Umeojiego


Archbishop Tochukwu Umeojiego, is the national patron and leader of the United Voice of Sabbath Church in Nigeria. During the 15th anniversary of the church in Lagos, he spoke with selected journalists on the church achievements where he refuted claims that the church engages in occult practices. Chinyere Abiaziem was there. Excerpts:

How do you feel today after a successful anniversary?
Very great, I have been looking for this for many years and it has come to pass. It is the 15th anniversary of the United Voice of Sabbath Church. It has not been easy. Wherever the children of God are gathered to do His work, Satan will try to resist them. We thank God we overcame.
How old is the movement?
It is 20 years now. The uniqueness is just to tell the people what is going on in the movement of the Sabbath-hood.
 Is it the same as Seventh Day Adventist?
We both worship on Sabbath but Seventh Day can wear shoes in the synagogue, but in Sabbath, we don’t wear shoe into the synagogue.
Do you happen to be the head of the movement in Nigeria?
Yes, I am the National Patron. We have Arch Bishop and we have Pastors we have more than 38 ranks.
For some who really don’t know about the Sabbath church, can you talk about the church?
The Sabbath church is a church that worships on Sabbath, which is Saturday, with the Priest from Israel. The Bible commands us to worship on Sabbath. If you really want to worship the Lord Almighty you have to do it in accordance with the Bible. The Sabbath church is so unique, it is like a crude oil when you put it in the fire it gives you kerosene, diesel, petrol, aviation oil, gas, after gas it gives you the highly inflammable. Sabbatarians are highly inflammable, we have raw gifts in us, and people believe we are second class or native doctors. In John chapter three, Nicodemus came to Jesus in the night, that is how they come to us and go back to their churches. In Sabbath gift of prophecy, the gift of teaching, interpretations of dreams are no big deal, even a child of six or seven years can prophesy to you and tell you what is happening in your compound.
But most Christians worship on Sundays?
If you go into the Bible, we are told everything that God Almighty came for the Israelites. Sabbath started with them and the Bible tells us that Sabbath day is the seventh day of the week when we should come together to worship God. In Matthew 28, the Bible says after the Sabbath they went to the tomb which means it was not a Sunday, it means Sabbath is a day before Sunday and that is why we are keeping the day before Sunday, which is Saturday as a worship day. In Genesis, we read that God Almighty worked for six days and after that, he rested on the seventh day and blessed that day as the holy day of worship.
Does it mean you don’t do anything on Saturday?
Yes. We don’t do anything on Saturday.  It is from sunset to sunset. So, it is sunset on Friday till sunset on Saturday, that day you don’t do any business of yours, it is the business of God Almighty we do on that day. The Bible says you shall stay away from your business, I gave you six days to do your work and you must reserve the Sabbath for me.
Is the church an Igbo Church as most of your members are from the South Eastern part of Nigeria?
No, it is not. To put the record straight, Islam is from Dan Fodio from the North, Christianity is from Bishop Ajayi Crowther from the West while Sabbath originated from South East through Dee Lolo via Prophet Mike Onauaucho from South East. That is why you have a lot from the South Eastern part of the country but now we have people from other tribes joining us. Which is why in our worship we do not use our dialect, we use the general language because we have Hausas, Yorubas and others in our midst.
Won’t other tribes who appear to be lesser in number be marginalised in the hierarchy of leadership?
There is nothing like marginalisation because anything about God must be done in orderliness, you cannot add a sentiment. You can’t add anything to it because you are calling on God Almighty you should be sincere, holy, truthful and orderly; you don’t add any other thing to it.
What can you say is unique about this movement?
The unique thing is that it is a covenant. It is a day God has set aside for himself, it is not a man-made law it is a divine law. If you go through Genesis chapter two, God introduced the Sabbath. There is no one that can say it is not so. The only thing they are saying is that Jesus Christ died on a Friday and rose on Sunday, and because of that Sunday has been picked as a day of worship. There is nowhere it is written that Sunday should be the day of worship. 
The issue is that there are bad eggs all over the place, in different churches,  so they now say Sabbath is not a church, it is a place where the people are seen as occult people. No Pastor or Bishop in the world can dispute that seventh day is not in the Bible.
Some persons believe the movement engages in some unholy rituals?
There is no ritual, we believe the Bible as the word of God, we do the communion, we believe in the blood of Jesus, we believe in the Saviour of the world, we believe in His second coming.
In your denomination, menstruating women don’t enter the church?
We do not allow women menstruating to come in because they are seen as unclean. According to Leviticus 15, which was effected more by Prophet Ezekiel in his book, chapter 18 verse 6,  that a just or righteous man will not go close to his wife during her menstrual flow.
There was a time when there was division in the denomination, has it been completely settled?
Sabbath is a covenant. We are God’s own people just like the way Israel is, that is how we are in Nigeria. The Lord answers prayers here. As for those of us in Lagos we are coming together to form one voice, it is not easy actually but we thank God for actualising the dream for bringing us together. You know when there is unity the devil always tries to bring division, but now I am so happy that the issues have been solved.
What other things do you do in this church?
Christmas is not recognised in the Bible, we do Passover feast, Tabernacle Feast and Feast of Atonement, which are all biblical if you go into Deuteronomy 16:16 and Exodus 12, you will see what I’m telling you.
Do you believe in the second coming of Christ?
I believe and the church believes in the second coming of Christ. Jesus Christ is a Sabbatarian. He partook in the Feast of the Tabernacle we are about to witness while he was on earth and asked his disciples to continue with.
We can see a lot of people wearing the skull cap is it related to Judaism?
Whatever you see here is in line with the practice of Judaism, that is Judaism attire. We believe in Jesus Christ. It all depends on the name you call him; we call him Yeshu the Messiah while the Muslims call him Anobi Isa.
What is your relationship with other churches?
We are one, we don’t discriminate. Some of them discriminate because we are wearing a white garment, but now some of them are showing more understanding. I can see them blowing this horn we use for the Feast of the Tabernacle. I can see them wearing the Talib.
Is Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) also a member of your denomination?
Yes, what you should know is that anybody from the South East is an Israelite; the cap Kanu puts on is from Israel. Anybody from the South East is from Israel except those who don’t know their roots. That is why Hebrew is heebo, forget what anybody is saying, Igbos have a lot of links from the Israelis. You can see that five South Eastern states were able to battle and withstand 31 other states during the 30 months civil war. This is to tell you Israel is a tiny country, but the most powerful.
Do you have any advice for the Nigerian President?
The Lord will give him the wisdom; it is left for us who say we are prayer people to put this country into God’s hands for Him to take over. It is not easy to rule, you can see how it can be in a family not to talk of Nigeria as a whole. I tell you it is not easy.

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