Photos: Man caught & beaten after allegedly attempting to defraud a recharge card seller in Lagos


A LIB Reader Olayinka Awoyemi shared this via Facebook. Narrating what happened, he wrote, 
“This plum middle age man (thief) was caught in my office complex yesterday claiming to a young lady selling recharge cards, he owns an office in the complex and one of the SUVs parked in the complex premises. He then told the lady to bring all her recharge cards and told her to sit somewhere in the compound to calculate the total money while he inform his Secretary to bring her the money estimated to be around 44, 000 Naira. He even send the security guard to get him 5 pure water, that they need water in his office! After, he climbed the stairs into the building, returned and told the young lady that her money is on the way, she should wait for his Secretary. Very quickly this same man advanced to the gate and jumped into a Keke Napep but luckily for the lady who was highly observant, grabbed him by his shirt, pulled him off the keke and screamed on him. He was then caught, given a light beating and has since been handed over to the Bode Thomas, Lagos Police unit. Ewo oju ole ….. plz people be very careful, so many tactics is been employed by these people this days. GOD continue to save us (amen).”

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