We are the problem with Nigeria


This is a blogpost by Salt Essien… We all want Nigeria to survive. We want the Chibok girls back. We want good governance to thrive and corruption to die…

We all want the Naira/US Dollar exchange rate to make sense. We all want to be able to travel to foreign shores and not be harassed because of the colour of our passports.

And I am willing to bet my bottom Naira that we all prayed for Nigeria the last time we were in church. So what is the problem? With all our wanting and praying, how come nothing is changing?

With all due respect, I believe it is your fault. Yes, you are the problem.

Oh! Forgive me. Let me clarify. Please, I am actually talking to only those ‘foolish’ people, like me, who still pray for Nigeria.

So, if you have given up; if you think that our situation has nothing to do with the ‘spiritual’; if you think prayers cannot save us anymore, then please just scroll on. Scroll on and don’t make my cry! Just leave me and let me face my praying brethren.

Praying brethren; praying brethren; praying brethren! How many times did I just call you?

You and I are the reason why Nigeria is the way it is. How come? Because we have failed to be what Jesus Christ has called us to be! Prayer is the answer only when righteous people are praying.

Prayer is the answer only when the lips of those praying are not the same lips that sip human blood and spew out vicious lies. Prayer is the answer only when the one who is praying is also seeking to add good deeds to daily living and is not only praying out Bible verses but also living them, too.

Prayer is the answer only when the one praying is seeking to be the Light and the Salt of Nigeria. What do I mean?  Please, follow me to Matthew Five, Thirteen and Fourteen.

 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Take a look at yourself in the mirror of God’s Word. Do you look like a ray of light? Or a grain of salt?

Let me cut to the chase here. You and I, Christian brethren are called to be the salt and the light of the earth. That is what Christ has asked us to be.

As light, we are meant to shine so others are drawn to Christ in us. If I follow you, will your life lead me to Christ? As salt, we are to preserve our homes, families and our Nigeria from rot.

We are to hold back the forces of corruption…whether they are forces affecting the moral realm, social realm, the political realm, or any other realm of the society in which we live.  You and I, praying brethren, are responsible for holding these forces back because we are the salt of the earth.

Now, go scan through the national dailies online. Read the headlines. Tell me, does it look like these forces are being held back to you? Nigeria is in a free fall and dragging us, you and I, with it.

Why? I fear it is because we have become salt that has lost its flavour… to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men. Ouch!

Yes, painful but true. Again, look at the state of our nation. Doesn’t it feel like we are ‘being trampled underfoot by men’?

You know what? The truth is I did not come here today to point my finger at anybody.  Who am I to judge? I have just been trying to understand how come after all our prayers, things seem to be getting worse… what are we doing wrong? And all I could come up with is the reality that we are in this predicament because we are failing as Christians.

We are in the world and of it. Disobedience, carelessness and indifference rule our lives.   Our salt has lost its saltiness. That which is meant to prevent decay is itself decaying. The solution is now the problem.

*sigh* Tell me I am wrong. I so want to be. Please dear reader; tell me there’s still a remnant; that when God looks down on Nigeria, he can still find ten grains of salt for whom he continues to show this nation his grace and mercy.

And then tell me you are one of them.
Salt Essien-Nelson is a blogger/author based in Lagos, Nigeria. You can connect with her via her blog – The Salt Chronicles on Blogger where she is ‘seasoning’ the world around her one salt blog at a time or send her an e-mail via abimbolaen@yahoo.com


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