Rwanda Football Association Ban Witchcraft Usage During Football Matches


The Rwanda Football Federation (FERWAFA) is taking steps to put an end to what some believe is witchcraft working its way into soccer matches. New rules have been put in place to punish clubs, managers and/or players judged to engage in the practice at matches.

The decision comes from a similar incident earlier this month in a match between Mukura Victory Sports and Rayon Sport. Rayon striker Moussa Camara, whose team was losing 1-0, apparently hit the Mukura Victory Sports post on a shot attempt.

Camara placing ‘jazz’ at keepers opponents’ post

Footage showed Camara running over to the post and appeared to place an object down near the goalkeepers post.

The whole scene suddenly went crazy, as onlookers raised an alarm and the striker (Camara) bolted away as his opponents lashed out at him. He earned a yellow card for the act, but the wildest part is Camara scored an equalizer almost immediately. Whether witchcraft was behind that or just regular old skill is up to the individual to decide.

FERWAFA smelled foul play and announced that they won’t stand for it anymore. The committee members agreed that henceforth, Coaches and players can face steep fines and bans if found guilty of using witchcraft. If a team is found guilty, they face a three-point deduction and a fine of 500,000 Rwandan Francs, or about $600.

I swear I just can’t stop laughing….Africans…..

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