Segun Odegbami Enters Ogun Guber Race


Nigerian football icon, Segun Odegbami has declared intention to join the gubernatorial race in Ogun State.

He made this known in a media release saying he will formally join the Labour Party and subsequently enter the gubernatorial race on that platform.

“On that day I shall become a member of the Labour Party and be officially welcomed on that political platform as a gubernatorial candidate for Ogun State in the forthcoming 2019 General Elections,” Mr Odegbami stated

He added; “I am taking the first step on behalf of all disenfranchised persons in the state. It is now irrevocable and irreversible.

“Our ‘bank’ of contributions is also now open, and I humbly ask for your support and prayers particularly through the period of critical take-off period.

“My team of volunteers will be outlining our programs through the next few months in various media.”

Mr Odegbami is not oblivious of the difficult journey he is set to embark on. But just as he was fearless on the pitch; cutting through the toughest of defences with his dribbling skills and power-backed shots, he says he is ready for what politics will throw at him.

“Knowing my background and temperament, that is a giant step to take. I cannot even start to imagine the consequences of that action.” the former Nigeria international admitted.

“But what I can clearly imagine is a vision of the Gateway State in Nigeria that can be a testimony of limitless possibilities in our country, and in Africa within a very short time.

“But this will require, very essentially, the right kind of leadership!”

“The key is leadership – one untainted by the sharp experiences of the convoluted and polluted politics of the day; one with an unblemished record of service to his State, his country and to humanity; one with integrity, one with capacity and the courage to dare even in the face of the dangerous precipice on which the country perches…”

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