Sly Monay: Fashion brand launches masterpiece [Photos]


Sly Monay presents the “CRAVAT MASTERPIECE : AFRO-EUROPEAN COLLECTION” featuring Juliet Ibrahim, Oc Ukeje, Bryan Okwara others. The Fashion forward, innovative brand has yet again released a first of its kind masterpiece for the native line. This collection was inspired by looking at the African culture or way of life, style, innovation and taking the Nigerian fashion to the next level.

Sly Monay Fashion becomes the first fashion brand to ever infuse the use of the cravat tie on African/Native attires, hence ‘The Cravat Masterpiece : Afro-European collection’.

The cravat is a neckband, the forerunner of the modern tailored necktie originated in the 1630s, in the reign of Louis XIII of France. Like most men’s fashion between the 17 century and World War 1, it was of military origin that came with the Croatian military kit as scarves distinctively knotted on the Croats’ necks. This has become widely acceptable all over the world and mostly worn in the European countries on shirts and suits.

Our aim is to give Nigeria and Africa a face all over the world, so we design very stylish native attires that can be multidimensional in the sense that it can serve as an alternative to suits on red carpets, formal and informal events.

The collection featured African celebrities such as Juliet Ibrahim, Oc Ukeje, Bryan Okwara, Eddie Watson, Belinda Effah, Baaj Adebule, Chuks Anyaduba, Rinu Monay and Cherrie Ekanem.

Photographer: Dola Posh

Stylist: Haus of Fade

Make up: Jay Ukachi

Behind the Scene Photos & Videos: A.I Sina & Sjay Ephraim

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