Speaking my Mind with Adesuwa: How much nudity is acceptable in Nollywood?


Why would you accept Denzel Washington naked and kissing another man’s wife in a movie, but won’t accept such from Ramsey Nouah?

In episode two of the new vlog “Speaking my Mind With Adesuwa,”  Adesuwa Onyenokwe discusses the balance between progressive and risqué films in Nollywood.

Using the much talked about sex scene between Ireti Doyle and Emmanuel Ikubese in “Fifty,” the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of TW Magazine, asks the question “How far is too far? How much nudity is acceptable?”

According to her, while culture affects how Africans view nudity, there’s need to really decide what the Nigerian film industry should be.

Onyenokwe launched her Video Logs on August 8, 2016, to mark her 53rd birthday.

Watch the episode below, and share your thoughts.

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