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‘’Talking Dolls’’ is an unpredictable kaleidoscope of drama, thriller and suspense, carefully built up to a climatic epic finale and has a breath-taking build up that sees two colorful  [Daniel .K. Daniel & Belinda Effah], but opposite characters become love birds, losing far beyond their expectations.

The movie was produced by Marc Adebesin , directed by Sukie Oduwole and it features stars:  Daniel K. Daniel, Belinda Effah, Tamara Komboye, Mofe Duncan,  Mike Olaribigbe [Mikes Comedy], Yetunde Oduwole, Kunle Oladeji, Feona Mali, Natalie Deadman, Marie Gomez-Sarkis Olukunle Fawora, QueenMonty  and veteran actress Victoria Inyama.

‘’Talking Dolls’’ was shot in the heart of London, Kent and Essex and is due to be released in U.K, Ghanaian and Nigeria cinemas soon.

The Directors Statement:

Sukie Oduwole- Love is a beautiful thing. Sometimes as beautiful as it can be, it can be a dangerous weapon as well. It can be a weapon of hatred, jealousy or even murder. When people fall in love, most times it’s for a different reasons. Some for fame, some for money, some because of beauty, and even some for the sex and so many more. Talking Dolls is a story of love in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s a dark story, it’s a romantic story, its revenge, it’s a well played out plot well writing and carefully developed.

The story is dear to me because I’ve kept this story for a while to launch my career as a film director.

That is why I had to carefully pick everyone that was part of the project. And to be honest everyone on this project had something I didn’t not have as a director. They all complimented me. From the Producer who played a huge role in making the execution of the movie a reality and to the DoP who share this same passion with me who made sure I never compromise on setups and to all the actors who gave a world class performance like their life depend on this. We had fun on set even though we faced loads of challenges. In fact the execution of this movie is like friends coming together to make a movie because everyone made this project their own. The love was amazing amongst the crew and the cast. To everyone who took part in this project I’m eternally grateful to you all and I can’t wait for the world to see the magic we created.DKD1

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