’The Alter Date’’ premieres in London on the 23rd November 2018.


’The Alter Date’’ which premieres in London on the 23rd November 2018.

Freddie Leonard, Bolanle Ninalowo, Iyabo Ojo, Tana Adelana, Lilian Esoro, Lanre Afod, Kenneth Okolie, Edem Roxy Antak, Yemisi Banjoko stars in a rollers coaster drama ‘’The Alter Date’’ which premieres in London on the 23rd November 2018.





VENUE: Odeon Cinema, Bugsbys Way, North Greenwich, SE10 0QJ

TIME: Red Carpet from 8.30pm, Screening  10.30pm

TICKETS: Standard £40, VIP £60, VVIP £100

https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/alter-date-movie-london-premiere-odeon-greenwich-tickets-50550000412  Tickets on limited Discounted Offer

’The Alter Date’’ has already gotten various awards and nominations as listed below:

  • 3 Awards and 8 Nominations – best director (Marc Adebesin) and best lead actress (Lilian Esoro)


‘’The Alter Date’’ Synopsis:  Follows to the lives of some group of friends; Remi, Elizabeth and Timi. Remi and Elizabeth have both been unlucky with men. Remi wants a man that is rich, showers her with love and care and she always maintained the fact that she is not a gold digger just because of her standards in the type of man she wants. Elizabeth has had her own fair share with men, meeting the wrong ones and getting easily swept away as if love hangs on trees. Timi has always been the ‘guy friend’ who’s shoulders were available to cry on after a heart break. Conversely, Timi is having relationship drama which he feel is toxic for him as he was emotionally, physically and mentally draining.

Aside from that, Timi has been getting sexual advances from rich married women that he really doesn’t care for but his friend called bishop advises him to take advantage of situation. Timi breaks up with his girlfriend to focus on work but the unexpected happens. Remi was in a major dilemma as she has had meaningless sex with Timi which by the way meant a lot to him as he has sincere feelings for her.  She then falls in love with the wrong guy who always cheated on her, she found out and broke up with him against all odds. Surprisingly she accepted him back and he proposed to her. Remi never made it to the alter with her about to be husband as he was arrested for fraud and she was pregnant for him.

Elizabeth always knew that Timi had feelings for Remi, so she talked some sense into Timi which made him realise that all that he had been looking for in life was staring at her face. Timi finally picked up the courage to tell the only woman he ever loved, how he feels about her and he was able to convince Remi that he was the right man for her irrespective of her current condition.

Words from the Producer: UK based Nollywood producer Yemisi Banjoko went to shoot her second film in lagos, Nigeria with an aim to get a cinema release by the first quarter of 2019. After her first film shot in the UK also won an award.


Words from the Director: @MarcAdebesin

‘’The Alter Date’’ story is a story close to my heart and filled with great passion to have partner up with yemisi banjoko. I have a dream that one day Nollywood would be able to create global block buster’s just like Hollywood, to be able to create movies that would be nominated and win Oscars, as I believe we have the talents that can do that in this generation. We are going somewhere great, mark my words today.
We are going to achieve excellence in big things but we must all develop the habit in little matters.
The path to greatness has never been easy and we should not expect an easy ride to the top.
We can either stretch each other’s vision to its full potentials if we stand together or we could all stay divided and choke each other’s dream. The part of us that does not increase us in unity will eventually decrease us. Always be prepared when opportunities come calling in life, put your best foot forward even, when it is awkward. We all thrive for success in life yet the great ones have their seeds of success buried in various failures, never let your age limit your vision.

Executive Producer / Producer @YemisiBanjoko  https://www.instagram.com/yemisibanjoko

Story & Directed by @MarcAdebesin https://www.instagram.com/marcadebesin


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