Top Popular Restaurant Jobs In Nigeria



The hospitality industry is one of the fastest developing ones all around the world. That is why it’s not surprising that hospitality and restaurant jobs are currently in high demand among job seekers. There are a lot of great things about working at a restaurant or bar – most importantly, the ability to be helpful to people and make sure everyone has a great time.

Although there are thousands of restaurant job offers being published every day, finding the right one for you can be quite a challenge. If you want to find a perfect opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge in a friendly environment for a decent pay, try searching for your new job on Jiji. The best restaurant jobs can be found here: Jiji’s List of Top Restaurant Jobs.



If you don’t have any restaurant experience, a great way to jumpstart your career in hospitality is to become a hostess. The job of a hostess, which is a position found mostly in high-end restaurants, is to greet guests and seat them. To be a good hostess, you need to be friendly, helpful, and have decent management skills in case one of your shifts turns out to be especially busy, so that customers don’t wait for their table for too long.



Server is another entry-level restaurant position, but it doesn’t mean anyone can become a server simply because they want to. A server is a customer service representative of the restaurant, which is why a lot of the customer’s satisfaction depends on how well the server is doing the job. Your goal as a server should be to turn as many one-time customers into regulars as possible, and not drive any customers away by being rude or unhelpful.



Generally, you require some prior restaurant experience in order to become a bartender, since it’s a more challenging job than server or hostess. As a bartender, you are required to serve the customers who choose to eat and drink at the bar, prepare orders for the servers, know lots of cocktail recipes and drink pairings, and manage your stock, so that you won’t run out of an essential ingredient in the middle of the shift.



Restaurant manager

Out of all restaurant front jobs, a manager must be the most complex one. In order to be a successful restaurant manager, you definitely need restaurant experience – for example, a couple of years as a server or bartender. You also need to be good at accounting, people management, have good organization skills and know when a busy shift requires extra effort, and when the staff can rest.

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