UK Nollywood turns up the creative heat with 2nd Wife nollywood Movie 


It is one of the few Nollywood movies produced in London that had a screening with a view to take on feedback from some of the fan based in the city of London. The director of the ”Second Wife”  NELSON SPYK’s vision is to take on-board the critical feedback from fans and nollywood colleagues based in London in order to make corrections that are possible to the movie before the Movie is officially launched. The movie premiere will also include a recognition ceremony. Awards will be given our by his Excellency Adah Simon Ogah (Commissioner for Nigeria UK) and His Excellency Edward Turay (Commissioner for Sierra Leone UK). Prominent Heads of states and ministers will grace the occasion from Nigeria and councillors here in the UK.

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  • Shola Kosoko
    Jenneh Amadu-Kamanda
    Olukunle Samuel Fafowora
    Taiwo Odebode
    Ken Smart
    Hajia Hadiza Mohammed
    Hajia Tee Zuma
    Princess Abiye Okunsanya
    Ene Oloye
    Neli Kings
    Ayan Da First

Second Wife is a comedy drama set in London. Show casing the beauty and diversity of African culture.
Ade introduces his mistress Tiya to his wife Fatima. Fatima must accept Tiya as the second wife in the household. Fatima being barren reluctantly agrees to Tiya and her two kids moving in to form one happy family unit.  Ade quickly discovers having two wives under the same roof is not as easy as his fathers before him made it seem. Tiya has an agenda and Fatima is not the loving faithful wife he thought she was.

1. Why are you referred to as UK Nollywood Pioneer:
Most of my contemporaries in the UK, aim to Americanise Nollywood.
Treating Nollywood as an inferior brand is wrong. I made up my mind from
time to build UK artist, and promote Nollywood as a separate creative entity.
2. What was it like working with non-professionals?
I believe in persons taking directions. Screen acting is not like stage. As long as the casting is right, I can work with almost anyone.
3. You are well known for your cinematography. How do you do it?
Photography has been my passion for over 20years. So it was a natural progression when DSLR’s now had the ability to shoot film. With my photography background, my framing and lighting is far better than the average cinematographer.

4. What makes the film “Second wife” special?
It is a story we can identify with. We tell our story with the African bias. The drama is real. And the story is very interesting.

5. What is the main problem UK Nollywood face?
Distribution channels for our films has always been a problem. Investors will not invest if they are not guaranteed return on investment. Fortunately that is being rectified. UK Nollywood productions are now been snapped up. For instance the Movie series “Housewives and Girlfriends” which I
Directed and filmed was bought by Africa Magic for a mouth watering sum. It had 100% UK cast. The other film I wrote “Drag Him To The Altar” will be on Netfilx Africa this summer.

6. You give lectures on screen acting?
Yes I do. I teach talents the “Nollywood” way of getting things done creatively. I have given lectures on initiatives run by the BBC. I also hold my own screen acting masterclass.

7. What is the future of UK Nollywood?
The future is very bright.


Behind its better known competitors in the U.S. and India, Nigeria has the world’s third-largest movie industry. Nigerian films, made under the banner of Nollywood, are ubiquitous across Africa and the industry is prolific, pumping out around 50 full-length movies per week. Many outside of Africa have never had the chance to experience Nollywood’s charms. But now that streaming service Netflix has launched in Nigeria, the country’s cinematic offerings are becoming more widely available.


Three creatives in the UK industry; Jenneh Amadu-Kamanda, Olukunle Fafowora and Taiwo Odebode came together to form JOT production. They contacted UK Nollywood production to produce this masterpiece. They noticed the growing trend in Nollywood movies, and it’s great market potential. As such they invested.

Shola Kosoko: a Multilingual and very influential in the Nollywood industry internationally. She plays the Auntie of the groom.
Princess: She plays the role of the second wife. Princess Abiye Okunsanya, From his role in the popular “Housewives and Girlfriends” series currently trending in Nigeria, Godwin has developed a unique acting style. His delivery is exceptional. He is a talent to watch out for. He plays the role of a “trusted” family friend. One of the new talents on set. Very witty and creative.
She plays the role of the wedding planner. She wrote the story for this project.. A graduate of Media and performing Arts.
CEO JASCOM group, owner of NPower radio UK, Odua TV Network. Movie producer and Director. He plays the father of the bride.

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