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D’lyte, the Super Woman crooner is at it again, this time with a song that
will make you fall in love again and again. After dropping the much talked
about Super Woman video, a song dedicated to women, D’lyte is here with
this super song that will keep you moving every part of your body anywhere
you are, titled, ‘Every Part Of Me’ a beautiful love song with a super
force that is breaking every rule of love. D’lyte, the sweet singer and
lovergirl has the ability to thrill anyone, anywhere, anytime with her
singing prowess and she is delectable to watch perform.
Every Part Of Me, has a blend of African rhythm and Pop that will bring
you back home to your roots.

D’lyte took her time to produce this video that is off the hook, a
profound master piece directed by Nwachukwu Ifeanyi ‘135Sixx Film Worx’.
Special appearance by a movie celebrity, Wale Adebayo popularly known as

The video depicts a girl, who is ready to give up everything including her
life for the only thing she believes in, the love of her life. And not
even the King of her tribe who has authority, could stop her. She was
kidnapped and was forced to live with the King but that could not deter
her from going after her dream lover.

The energetic and interesting dance routine, choreographed by D’lyte and
‘Black Image’ dance group will wow you. The beautiful costuming and
casting will keep your head tilt to one side and your mouth wide open,
trust me, you will try to fall in love again.

Ok Brains and Beauty defines all of Dlyte as she blends Her Sexiness and
Talent to bring you this Video !

Move OVer Beyonce We Say Hello


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