Watching Game of Thrones Can Lead You To Hell – Ghanaian Pastor


A Ghanaian pastor, Victor Eghan, has declared those who watch the popular Games of Thrones TV show are at the risk of going to hell. The show, he stated, is against his Christian beliefs.

He mentioned in a Instagram post that he came across some statistics that the popular TV show includes 865 deaths, 17 rapes (including attempted ones) and 144 scenes of naked people (with 83.7% being women).

Eghan pointed out in 2016, the show was in a legal battle with a porn website, Porn Hub, for using their explicit clips as it is a breach of copyright of HBO.

According to him, Game of Thrones preaches immorality by bringing out the fact that a lot of porn stars like Jessica Jenson and Samantha Bentley were used in the production of the show.

Eghan ended his post with a piece of advice for the fans of the American fantasy drama TV show: “Dear Christian and Game of Thrones fan, is this the kind of content you want to fill your mind with? What happened to Philippians 4:8? Is this the kind of things you want your daughter or son to engage in? Rape, murder, and immorality?

If you’re so attached to Game of Thrones that you’re getting angry with me, then who are you worshipping? GOD or GOT? One letter makes a big difference. And that one letter change can make a big difference when you stand before GOD on that day.”

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