Wendy Williams thinks Beyonce and Jay Z paid Rachel Roy for the cheating drama to increase album sales


Talk show host, Wendy Williams feels that the drama with Beyoncé/Beyhive and Rachel Roy-cheating allegations could be a set-up for album sales.

Wendy even thinks that Beyonce and Jay Z could be paying Rachel Roy to cause the drama.


She said:

‘Rachel Roy, first of all, you’re not this fighting girl unless you’re on Jay Z and Beyonce’s payroll.

‘And they paid you to mix it up to add, I guess, sales for Lemonade.’


Wendy also criticised Queen Bey for releasing the album only 2 days after the death of the legendary Prince.

“Quite frankly, I wish Beyoncé had held off on the album after Prince. Like, the weekend had blown over. And Bill Cosby, don’t get beside yourself. Long after prince is gone, and Beyoncé and Jay Z are still together, we are going to circle back around and still deal with you.”


Source: Daily mail

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