“We’re Monitoring Murder Trial Of Alizee’s Danish Husband” – Family Lawyer


In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Christian Love, the family lawyer in charge of the murder case of Nigerian singer, Zainab Nielsen aka Alizee and her daughter Petra, has spoken about the  surprise court hearing which was heard on Wednesday, June 13, as opposed to June 28, which the case was previously adjourned to.

Christian Love revealed that once the Director of Public Prosecutions had given his advice, a hearing date, given by the magistrate, court could be suspended.

He said, “When a murder case is first reported, it has to go to the magistrate court so that the accused person can be remanded in prison. Afterwards, they will need to wait for the DPP’s advice. Once they get the DPP’s advice, the case will be assigned to a judge.”

According to him, they are in touch with the Ministry of Justice on the case.

“They are trying to manage the information because if they don’t do things properly, certain things will be in the public space and it will affect the case.”

Speaking on the defendant’s demand to carry out a DNA test on the husband, Love said it was the responsibility of the judge to either refuse or accept. He said, “Anything that happens in the court is between the defendant’s counsel and the state prosecutor. The family lawyers can only watch because it is a criminal matter. We can be seen but cannot be heard. We can tell the state that we have evidence but we cannot present it ourselves. We are at the mercy of the state, except if they appoint a special persecutor, which we demanded but they refused.”

The lawyer insisted that they would put the state on its toes to ensure that justice is served. “We are not for the state; we are for the family and we want justice for Zainab and Petra. We will put the state on its toes to ensure justice is done. Defendants are more powerful in murder trials. The court will rather free 99 criminals than to prosecute one innocent criminal. That is why prosecutors must be on top of their games,” he added.

Recall that Alizee and her daughter, Petra, were found dead on April 15 in their house at Bella Vista Tower, Banana Island, Ikoyi, in Lagos. Afterwards, her Danish husband, Peter Nielsen, was arrested and charged to court for allegedly killing the mother and daughter.


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