What Will Happen If Women Were The Only Ones Allowed To Live In Nigeria by Alhaji Wendebyjemera Belenthemeka



  1. Amebo will be a legal mode of payment.
  2. Nigeria will have the most ridiculous wars started by petty things, you would hear of wars like:- The Four Year War Of The Stolen Bra, Massacre In Edo Over Fake Handbag, Mascara Mayhem In Ado-Ekiti.
  3. Nigeria will have the highest FORMING statistics in the world.
  4. Brazilian hair will be Nigeria’s highest import.
  5. Half of the worlds telecoms companies will station their headquarters in Nigeria.
  6. Makeup will be added to our coat of arms.
  7. The horses and eagle symbolizing unity and strength will be on snapchat.
  8.  Twerking must be part of your CV to get a high paying job.
  9. Women who tie  Gele well will have their own private jets.
  10. The phrase ‘ was like’ will be name of a native language.


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