WOMEN SPEAK: Here Are The Top 10 Habits Men MUST STOP In 2017!!


Well the men have spoken, now it’s time to hear what the women need men to stop in 2017.

Here we go:

1) Stop trying to toast me when I say enough is enough. It’s not all times a woman says no means yes. Abi, them swear for some of una?

2) Stop thinking with your manhood. Not because it’s shaped like an arrow means it should guide you like a compass

3) Holding your balls in public is not swag. Don’t ever play yourself.

4) Learn to cook. Stop claiming I’m the man in the house and therefore I should not be cooking. LEARN…Or you may starve one day.

5) Stop thinking your smart, we know your Sidechick and she likes us more than you.

6) You will slip one day, so password if your phone is a waste of time.

7) Try to be romantic. If not we will poison your food one day ( lol…Just joking….Or am I?)

8) If all you want is to sleep with us then you better come straight up on the first day. It makes the whole relationship thing easier. Hear us now, If you break our heart this year, we will go lesbian, find your new girl and sleep with her then break her heart as well.

9) Learn to flush twice when you take a sh*t.

10) We know all your secrets…Lol…We just act like we don’t. F**k up enough and we will open your a** in public when your drinking beer and having suya with yor friends. You can believe that.

Help the men of this nation oh lord in 2017.

davoice (21185 Posts)