‘Cash for care jobs’ scandal EXPOSED: Vulnerable UK patients are being looked after by unqualified migrants

Vulnerable care residents are being looked after by unqualified migrants as rogue operators exploit Home Office loopholes, a Mail investigation shows.Scant checks in the desperate bid to fill huge vacancies mean untrained and overworked staff, sometimes barely able to speak English, are left caring for the elderly in the under-strain sector.

Our probe into the ‘cash for care jobs scandal’ found some outfits charge overseas applicants ‘work finder fees’ of up to £20,000 to help them get a visa allowing them to come – and stay – here.One ‘adviser’, a Baptist minister, told an undercover reporter that for £9,000 he could help her arrange a job in just three days – with ‘100 per cent’ success guaranteed.A watchdog warned there had been ‘widespread abuse’ of the system since early 2022 after ministers relaxed immigration rules to plug mass job vacancies.

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