Small Doctor pays emotional tribute to late Mohbad at Omo Better concert

Famous Nigerian singer, Adekunle Temitope also known as Small Doctor honored the memory of the late Mohbad during his recent Omo Better concert.The gesture served as a poignant tribute to the talented artist who met a tragic end on September 12, 2023, at the age of 27, surrounded by circumstances marked by ambiguity and controversy.At the Omo Better concert held on December 17, an emotionally charged moment unfolded as a heartfelt video dedicated to Mohbad was projected onto screens. The footage offered a glimpse into the late artist’s life, featuring scenes of him creating music and expressing gratitude for the love received from his fans, reciprocating that love in return.

As the crowd absorbed the moving visuals, a collective chant of ‘Justice for Mohbad’ echoed through the audience, underscoring the desire for clarity surrounding the circumstances of the artist’s untimely demise. The emotional tribute, captured on video, quickly resonated on social media, prompting a widespread reaction from netizens.Fans, touched by the commemoration at Small Doctor’s concert, expressed sadness over Mohbad’s promising career being cut short. Many took to various platforms to convey their condolences and prayers, with a prevailing sentiment calling for those responsible for Mohbad’s passing to be exposed.

The Omo Better concert tribute not only served as a moment of reflection on Mohbad’s impactful musical journey but also amplified the collective yearning for justice within the fan community.As the aftermath of this emotional homage unfolds, the online discourse continues to be a platform for fans to share their grief, memories, and hopes for clarity in the wake of the tragic loss.

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