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JLR Invests £1M to Aid Police in Combating Car Thefts

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has announced a £1 million investment to assist UK police in combating vehicle theft. This funding will bolster police operations in theft hotspots and support intelligence gathering efforts.

The initiative comes after JLR’s CEO, Adrian Mardell, firmly denied claims that Range Rovers are particularly vulnerable to theft. Despite these denials, Range Rover owners have reported significant increases in insurance premiums or complete refusal of coverage.

One such owner, Meryl Cabellos, a 41-year-old Frenchman residing in the UK, saw his insurance for a 2017 Range Rover Sport double from £2,000 to £4,000. When he couldn’t renew his insurance, the best alternative quote he received was £10,000, prompting him to sell his car. “We’ve been Range Rover customers for many years, and it really feels as though we’re being priced out now,” he said. “We loved the car, but because of the insurance, the experience of owning it went downhill so quick.”

Insurance premiums for high-end vehicles like Range Rovers can vary significantly, influenced by factors such as the driver’s history, vehicle storage location, and security features. These luxury cars are prime targets for thieves due to their high resale value abroad, leading to higher insurance costs.

JLR’s prestigious Range Rover models, starting at £104,000 with the Range Rover Sport from £75,000, have gained a reputation for being prone to theft. Earlier this year, Mardell criticised reports labeling the Range Rover as Britain’s “most stolen vehicle” and highlighted the company’s efforts to enhance vehicle security. He also criticised the insurance industry for not fully considering the security improvements when setting premiums.

The £1 million police funding is part of JLR’s strategy to reassure consumers and help reduce insurance costs. Previously, the company introduced its own insurance products to aid customers struggling to secure coverage, though some Range Rover owners still face difficulties obtaining quotes.

The new investment will support several police forces with additional resources to tackle vehicle thefts nationwide. It will also fund a new national policing unit dedicated to gathering intelligence on vehicle thefts and increasing police activity at ports used by criminals to export stolen cars.

JLR is already collaborating with police by sharing information to aid in vehicle recovery and has trained 650 officers. The company claims its efforts to enhance vehicle security are paying off, citing data from the Police National Computer that shows only 0.2% of new Range Rovers and Range Rover Sports have been stolen since January 2022.

This strategic move aims to curb vehicle thefts and restore confidence among Range Rover owners, ensuring they continue to enjoy their premium vehicles without the added burden of escalating insurance costs.

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