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5 People to Keep Out of Your Relationship

A successful relationship is not just built on love alone, it has to follow certain rules and people to be kept out too.

Just like a garden, unwanted elements can creep in and disrupt its growth. Here, we have discussed five types of influences, that may not be good for your relationship’s health, and how to neutralise them effectively.

Your Ex or crush
The presence of an ex or someone you have a crush on, while in a relationship can cast a long shadow, on what is already blooming. Constant communication or social media stalking with an ex can create unhealthy jealousy and insecurity in your current partner.

Address past relationships openly and honestly with your partner, and establish boundaries with your ex. If a crush pops up, admire from afar and keep your focus on the love you’ve already built. It is difficult to build something, but easy to get it destroyed.

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Family interference

While family can be a great source of support, sometimes their opinions or involvement can become overwhelming. You should create boundaries with family members who try to direct how your relationship goes.

Parents particularly are the unconscious culprit here, they may be trying to save you, but indirectly harming your relationship. Communicate openly with your partner about how to address any concerns from family in a healthy way. Remember, it’s your relationship, and your happiness is the priority.

Social media

Social media can be a breeding ground for comparison and insecurity. Videos and pictures that you see online can create unrealistic ideals, and expectations from your partner. Excessive social media use can lead to a disconnect with your partner. Focus on creating real-life moments and memories together. If social media becomes a source of arguments, consider setting boundaries or taking breaks together.

Decision makers (Friends)

They are called decision makers, or board of directors in some cases. Friends are important, but their opinions shouldn’t be the sole guiding force in your relationship. While their experiences can be valuable, listen to their concerns without letting them dictate your choices.

Many relationships have been put to an end due to friends’ influences, and bad advice. It is better to discuss honestly with your partner and work through issues together. True friends will ultimately support your happiness, even if it doesn’t perfectly align with their initial views.

Religious leaders

From the moment you have that believe that whatever is wrong with your relationship, only your religious leader can solve it, then your relationship is headed in the wrong direction.

Some religious leaders can have positive impacts on how your relationship work, but they are not professionals and do not see from your own perspectives. It is advisable to see counselors or relationship experts to assist you rather than seek for what your religious leaders would say.

Remember in most cases their decision is based on emotions rather than seeing things from a neutral perspective.

Relationship is not a bed of roses, it takes dedication from both parties, and a bit of boundaries. But creating such healthy boundaries with the people listed above is a sure way to give you a long-lasting love life.

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