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APC to Nominate Candidates to Replace Sacked Rivers State Lawmakers, Stakeholders Say | The Bureau Newspaper

Port Harcourt, Rivers State – In a virtual ruling delivered on Friday, the Appellate Court in Abuja declined to reverse the decision of a Federal High Court that declared the seats of Martins Chike Amaewhule and 26 other lawmakers from the Rivers State House of Assembly vacant. The court emphasized that giving such a verdict would be premature, considering an ongoing appeal.

The three-member panel has scheduled June 20 for the hearing of the appeal filed by Amaewhule and his colleagues seeking reinstatement into their legislative positions. Pending the hearing and final decision, the court urged all involved parties to maintain the status quo and avoid any further hostilities.

Despite the setback, stakeholders within the All Progressives Congress (APC) have expressed readiness to nominate fresh candidates to fill the vacant seats left by the sacked lawmakers. The APC Reform Group, in a statement, welcomed the Appellate Court’s decision, hailing it as a triumph for democracy, the rule of law, and political integrity.

“We warmly embrace the Appellate Court’s affirmation of the Federal Court’s ruling, which declared the seats of 26 Rivers State House of Assembly members vacant. This verdict underscores our judiciary’s role in safeguarding democracy from political opportunism and instability,” the statement read.

The APC Reform Group emphasized its commitment to nominating credible candidates aligned with the party’s principles and vision for a better Rivers State and Nigeria at large. They pledged to prioritize candidates who demonstrate integrity and loyalty, contrasting them with those dismissed lawmakers perceived as opportunistic without party allegiance.

“We urge our supporters to remain resolute in our party’s ideals. Our goal remains to deliver on our promises and uphold democratic values in Rivers State. We commend the judiciary for its landmark judgment and reaffirm our dedication to upholding the rule of law,” the statement concluded.

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