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Dr Michael Mosley’s post mortem reveals TV doctor’s time and cause of death – live

Local cameraman details spotting body during search for Michael Mosley

Doctor Michael Mosley likely died at around 4pm on the day he disappeared, according to the initial findings from the autopsy into his death.

Greek media reports say he may have rested just yards away from the safety of a restaurant before collapsing.

Initial investigations suggested that foul play was not suspected although the condition of his remains made it difficult to establish the exact cause of death, Proto Thema reported.

The TV star’s body was discovered in a rocky area close to Agia Marina beach on Sunday following a major five-day search on the Greek island of Symi.

Bar staff at the resort have said it’s a “mystery” his body was not found sooner, and added that it had been “heartbreaking” that no one had seen him in distress.

The 67-year-old was last seen leaving Saint Nikolas beach at around 1.30pm on Wednesday, setting off for a coastal walk in searing heat without his mobile phone.

Tributes have been pouring in for the medic, whose loved ones have described him as “extremely kind” and a “brilliant science broadcaster” after his tragic death.


I wanted to bring him back alive, said volunteer who led search for TV doctor Michael Mosley

Matt Mathers11 June 2024 04:00


British TV host Dr. Michael Mosley reached millions by being his own guinea pig

In the name of science, the British television host put his body to the test by ingesting tape worms, injecting snake venom and letting leeches suck his blood.

Matt Mathers11 June 2024 03:00


All the ways Michael Mosley changed my life (and could still change yours)

He’s altered the way she showers, stands – and even how she spends her free time. Which is why Emma Reed will never forget the health and lifestyle guru…

Read Emma’s piece in full here:

Matt Mathers11 June 2024 02:00


Dr Michael Mosley’s disappearance ‘cut and paste’ case to man missing for five years

Dr Michael Mosley’s disappearance on a Greek island is a “cut and paste” of the case of a British man who went missing five years ago, the latter’s family have said.

Matt Mathers11 June 2024 01:00


ICYMI: Michael Mosley died of natural causes on day he went missing – police reports

His body was found on Sunday in a rocky area near Agia Marina beach, after his disappearance was reported on Wednesday.

Matt Mathers11 June 2024 00:01


‘Dr Michael Mosley would often tell me how his own health battles were the inspiration for his work’

Written under a post on the local Rhodes Facebook group, discussing the disappearance of Dr Michael Mosley a few days ago, was the comment: “He’s such a genuine person, passionate about helping others,” while another wrote, “I owe him so much,” before explaining how one of his books “practically saved my life”. Sadly, a body believed to be his has now been found, with tributes flooding in from Jamie Oliver and Piers Morgan.

I first interviewed Michael in 2019. I knew all about him of course. He was one of the UK’s most well-known doctors and presented several BBC documentaries, appeared on This Morning, and wrote several bestselling books including The Fast Diet in 2013, which sold more than 1.4 million copies.

It was revolutionary in popularising the idea of intermittent fasting, which until then few of us had ever heard of.

Read the full article from Maria Lally here:

Holly Evans10 June 2024 23:00


Dr Michael Mosley’s employers hail him as ‘brilliant science broadcaster’

Employers of Dr Michael Mosley have described him as a “brilliant science broadcaster” who was able to make the “most complex subjects simple”.

The body of the 67-year-old TV doctor, columnist and author was confirmed to have been found on the Greek island of Symi on Sunday by his widow after he went missing four days prior.

Mosley first trained as a doctor before moving in to the world of media, presenting a host of programmes for the BBC and Channel 4 as well as writing a regular column for the Daily Mail and a number of books.

Read the full article here:

Holly Evans10 June 2024 22:00


Reporter who spotted Michael Mosley’s body recalls ‘unusual’ moment of discovery

Reporter who spotted Michael Mosley’s body recalls ‘unusual’ moment of discovery

A reporter who spotted Michael Mosley’s body on the Greek island of Symi has described the moment of discovery. The TV doctor and columnist, 67, was found dead on the island after going missing last Wednesday (5 June). This Morning journalist David Blackmore was on a search boat with the local mayor when they spotted an “unusual” object.He said he and the mayor were taken out on a water taxi from Pedi to Agia Marina, when they looked back towards the marina to record some footage. Mr Blackmore and a camera operator then spotted an “unusual” object. They took the footage back to Pedi, where they were able to zoom in and realised it was a male body.

Holly Evans10 June 2024 21:00


Head of BBC Science says death of Mosley leaves a ‘huge hole’

Andrew Cohen, head of BBC Studios’ Science Unit, said the death of Dr Michael Mosley left “a huge hole” for the people who “had the privilege of working with” him.

In a statement, he said: “Michael worked closely with the BBC Studios Science Unit across a broadcasting career spanning over three decades.

“His passing will leave a huge hole for so many of us who had the privilege of working with Michael and for the millions of people who loved watching and listening to him. From Trust Me I’m a Doctor to Just One Thing, The One Show, Horizon and so many more titles that have educated and entertained in equal measure.

“His contribution to audiences around the world is unparalleled, as one of the very finest science communicators, as a brilliant programme maker and a unique presenter.

“For all of us in the Science Unit, we have lost the kindest of colleagues, an inspirational creative mind, and a friend to so many.”

Michael Mosley’s contribution to science and health is ‘unparalleled’
Michael Mosley’s contribution to science and health is ‘unparalleled’ (PA)

Holly Evans10 June 2024 20:00


Medical and scientific community in ‘complete grief’ over Michael Mosley’s death

The medical and scientific community have reacted with “complete grief” to the death of Michael Mosley after he died while on holiday in Greece.

The broadcaster and columnist, who was reported missing on Wednesday before his body was found on Sunday, advocated intermittent fasting through the 5:2 diet and The Fast 800 diet and presented science and medical documentaries on the BBC and Channel 4.

Asked how the research community has reacted, Professor Roy Taylor said: “I think with complete grief, because Michael was such a personable man, he was so likeable.

“And he was just charming in his interaction with everybody, it wasn’t just with the great and the good, it was with everyone.”

Holly Evans10 June 2024 19:00

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