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General election 2024 – live: Hunt challenges Labour not to raise property taxes

Nigel Farage claims people ‘loathe’ the Tories and Labour will win election

A Conservative minister has insisted Reform UK will not win any seats at the general election as it “simply won’t happen” – despite a shocking YouGov poll which put Nigel Farage’s party just two points behind the Tories.

The latest survey conducted just before the ITV debate has put Labour leading the race with 40%, the Tories on 19%, Reform UK on 17%, the Liberal Democrats on 10% and the Greens on 7%.

Work and pensions secretary Mel Stride told Sky News: “Any viewer listening needs to know that Reform are not going to be winning seats in the first past the post electoral system.”

“It simply won’t happen,” he said, adding this campaign is the eighth time the former Ukip leader has attempted to stand for parliament.

But according to the poll, Mr Farage could snatch as many as four seats from the Conservatives just days after a shocking comeback as candidate for Clacton.

The PM has come under fire for accepting a further £5m donation from Frank Hester, who was involved in a race row over comments he allegedly made about Diane Abbott.

Ms Abbott has now slammed Mr Sunak for accepting the huge sum labelling the move “an insult to me and all black women”.


Jeremy Hunt challenges Labour not to raise property taxes

The row over taxes keeps rumbling on and Jeremy Hunt is now challenging Sir Keir Starmer to promise not to raise property taxes.

It comes as the chancellor revealed a new Conservative pledge not to raise capital gains tax and stamp duty.

Mr Hunt called on the Labour leader to match his party’s “family home tax guarantee”.

The tax row erupted after Rishi Sunak insistingly accused Labour of plotting to raise household’s taxes by £2,000.

Dismissing the claims, Sir Keir said the accusation was “garbage” and accused the Mr Sunak of breaking ministerial code.

The UK statistics regulator is now investigating the PM’s claims after he was accused of lying to voters.

Salma Ouaguira6 June 2024 10:57


Politics Explained | Will we see calls for electoral reform?

When this election is over, there will be much attention on the new government, the plight of the opposition, and the prospects for the nation.

One of the more important issues that will also inevitably re-emerge is how the British first-past-the-post system can throw up some exaggerated and eccentric outcomes in parliament, and with that will come another great debate on electoral reform.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain6 June 2024 10:48


SNP: ‘Tory treatment of David Duguid indefensible’

SNP campaign chief Stewart Hosie has said the way David Duguid has been treated by the Scottish Tories was “indefensible”.

Following Douglas Ross surprise announcement, he said: “This is a day of shame for the Tories, with three-jobs Mr Ross taking a seat from David Duguid to keep his third salary at Westminsterr.”

He added: “The way the Tories have treated Mr Duguid is indefensible. The nasty party just got nastier.

“People in Aberdeenshire North and Moray East deserve a dedicated, full time MP and local champion. That’s what SNP candidate Seamus Logan will be.”

(UK parliament)

Salma Ouaguira6 June 2024 10:42


Labour brands Sunak ‘man with no integrity’ over Hester donation

Labour party chair Anneliese Dodds has said the Prime Minister was “too weak to return the money donated by a man who has made violent, misogynist, and racist remarks which belong nowhere near our politics”.

She added: “If Rishi Sunak had a backbone he’d have cut ties with Frank Hester months ago, returned the money and apologised properly to Diane Abbott,” she said in a statement.

“Voters have a chance to turn the page on 14 years of sleaze and scandal on 4 July and vote for change with Labour.”

(Getty / iStock / PA)

Salma Ouaguira6 June 2024 10:36


Tories: Starmer asking voters for ‘blank cheque’ paid through tax rises

The Tories have accused Sir Keir Starmer of asking voters for a “blank cheque” to pay for his promises paid through tax rises.

Echoing Rishi Sunak’s claims on “Labour’s £2,094 tax hike on households” from Tuesday’s ITV debate, Laura Trott, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury hit out on the party’s spending plans.

She said John Healy has left the door open to stamp duty and capital gains tax hikes, adding: “You name it, Labour will tax it.”

Ms Trott said: “Labour plans to pay for their £38.5 billion blackhole by raising taxes on working people. Labour will tax the family home, drag pensioners into Labour’s retirement tax, taxing your work, taxing your car. You name it, Labour will tax it.

“This matters because at this election Keir Starmer is asking for a blank cheque and it’s becoming clear what he wants to do with it – put up your taxes.

“Only Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives have a clear plan to cut taxes, backed by bold action, to chart a course to a more secure future for Britain.”

Salma Ouaguira6 June 2024 10:32


Sunak misses D-Day 80 event to go campaigning

Rishi Sunak will not be attending the international commemoration of D-Day at Omaha Beach with other world leaders today so he can return to campaign in the general election, David Maddox reports.

King Charles will be at the D-Day 80 event with world leaders including President Macron of France and President of Biden and some of the last remaining veterans from the liberation of France.

The event will also be attended by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, foreign secretary Lord Cameron and defence secretary Grant Shapps.

Mr Sunak was at the heroes welcome event this morning in Normandy where he gave a short speech but then departed back to the UK.

A source said that he is campaigning this afternoon.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain6 June 2024 10:30


Greens pledge to tax the rich to improve NHS

The Green party is unveiling funding plans for the NHS to deliver an extra £30bn a year and £20bn for social care by 2030.

Co-leader Adrian Ramsay has said the health service is in a “desperate situation” and that his party is being “honest” by saying that to both “defend and restore” the NHS “we are going to need to put in the funding that’s needed”.

He adds that the Greens have a proposal for the “very richest” to pay more tax – a 1% tax on assets over £10m and 2% on assets over £1bn wotold raise “tens of billions” over the next five years.

Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay are targeting four seats for the Greens in the election (Ian West/PA)
Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay are targeting four seats for the Greens in the election (Ian West/PA) (PA Archive)

Salma Ouaguira6 June 2024 10:17


Nigel Farage could win Reform UK as many as four seats at general election, says YouGov

Nigel Farage’s decision to stand as MP and take over as party leader could change Reform UK’s chances of winning seats in the general election, says polling firm YouGov.

According to YouGov’s director of political analytics, Patrick English, the announcement “significantly increases the odds” that Reform could win at least one seat – and even up to four.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain6 June 2024 10:17


Douglas Ross announces he is standing as Tory candidate

The Scottish Conservative leader is holding a press conference announcing he his intention to run as candidate for the Tories in the seat of Aberdeenshire North and Moray East. 

Mr Ross praised David Duguid who was barred from standing the Scottish Conservatives in the General Election.

He has suffered ill health recently and has spent several weeks in hospital but had said he was willing to take part in the election.

During the press conference, Ross said: “I have decided I need to lead from the front. This evening I will put myself forward for nomination as the Scottish Conservative candidate to beat the SNP in Aberdeenshire North and Moray East. I’m ready for this challenge.”

Salma Ouaguira6 June 2024 10:00


Labour fails to rule out raising capital gains tax

While the tax row between the Tories and Labour spirals, shadow defence secretary John Healey has refused to rule out raising some taxes.

He said Labour’s plans  “do not require us to start looking at raising taxes across the board” but he didn’t rule out stamp duty and capital gains tax. 

He said: “We will not raise taxes on working people. We will not raise income tax, we will not raise VAT, we will not raise National Insurance. Our plans, beyond the specific tax rises and changes that we set out to pay for our first steps, our plans do not require us to start looking at raising taxes across the board.”

Asked if Labour would raise capital gains tax, he said: “We will not raise the taxes that are most important to working people.”

And about hiking stamp duty, he answered: “I am not going to go through the list. The taxes that are most important to people – income tax, VAT and National Insurance – will not be raised under a Labour government.”

(Stefan Rousseau/PA)

Salma Ouaguira6 June 2024 09:53

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