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I'm a married woman but I'm desperate to kiss my boss

DEAR DEIDRE: I want to kiss my boss so much it hurts – but I’m a respectable married woman and he’s a man with a high moral compass.

He’s 42 and he joined my workplace as my manager. He’s a lovely family man with two boys and a wife who seems like Superwoman.

I’m happily married and have a daughter who is 13. I’m 39 and my husband is 40. My husband is great and we get along well.

But this guy, well he’s something else. He smoulders with sexiness but he doesn’t realise it. He has never been inappropriate to even the slightest degree.

I can’t stop thinking about him lately. We have a few nights away together soon for work and I keep fantasising that he feels the same way.

In my imagination we have this one night where we flirt and then share a single kiss.

What’s the matter with me?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Nothing at all. Just because you’re married, it doesn’t stop you fancying people.

You can’t turn these feelings off like a light switch. It is whether you act on them that counts.

This guy is happy with his lot and so are you. I’ve no doubt your feelings are real but they should stay in your head.

Keep your relationship professional so that you don’t compromise yourself in the workplace.

Read my support pack Looking After Your Relationship, which will give you some spark back and help you remember how much you love your husband.

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