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Kogi East PDP Stakeholders Oppose Danjuma Lah's Attempt to Control State Executive for Dino Melaye | The Bureau Newspaper

Abuja, Nigeria – The political climate in Kogi State is intensifying as stakeholders from Kogi East firmly oppose the caretaker chairman, Sen. Danjuma Lah, and his secretary, Sen. Philip Aruwa Gyunka, for allegedly pushing their chosen candidates on the party in advance of the state congress.

Representing nine Local Government Areas in Kogi East and Kogi West, members of the Kogi PDP Elders Forum are strongly against efforts by Danjuma Lah and Philip Aruwa Gyunka to transfer control of the party’s structure to Senator Dino Melaye and his supporters. They accuse this faction of attempting to undermine Kogi East’s involvement in the party for personal political benefit, as evidenced in the last gubernatorial election.

The elders claim that since Danjuma Lah became caretaker chairman, his primary objective has been to ensure Dino Melaye’s dominance over the party structure. They assert that plans are in motion to allocate 80% of the state executive positions to Dino Melaye’s affiliates, including Capt. Joe Agada, who is being positioned to oppose the decisions made by Kogi East stakeholders.

In a stern warning, the party elders declared they will resist any attempts to impose candidates on the party. They urged the national headquarters to expedite the removal of Danjuma Lah and his secretary, criticizing their ineffective leadership and their inability to condemn the irregularities occurring in the state.

“We will not be provoked into leaving the party, but we will stand firm against their schemes,” the elders stated. “We call on the national headquarters to promptly remove Danjuma Lah and his secretary from their positions, as they have failed disastrously. The PDP leadership under their watch is a monumental failure, unable even to issue a statement against the state’s irregularities.”

The elders also accused Danjuma Lah and Philip Aruwa Gyunka of being pawns of Senator Dino Melaye, a fellow member of the 8th National Assembly. They argue this group is intent on maintaining their grip on the party structure for personal gain.

This development has heightened tensions within the party, with numerous members voicing concerns over the perceived attempt to commandeer the party structure. As the state congress approaches, stakeholders are demanding an election process that is free, fair, and reflective of the party members’ will.

The Kogi PDP Elders Forum has called on the national headquarters to step in and ensure the state congress is conducted transparently and democratically, free from external influence. They cautioned that any effort to impose candidates could result in a crisis with serious repercussions for the party in Kogi State.

As the political intrigue continues to unfold, party members and observers alike are keenly watching the situation. One certainty remains: the stakeholders from Kogi East are committed to preventing any attempts to seize control of the party structure and are dedicated to preserving the party’s democratic and inclusive nature.


The opposition from Kogi East PDP stakeholders shows deep-rooted factionalism within the party, driven by personal and regional interests. Their resistance to Sen. Danjuma Lah and Sen. Philip Aruwa Gyunka’s alleged favoritism towards Senator Dino Melaye indicates a serious power struggle. The demand for a fair and transparent state congress shows the stakeholders’ desire for a democratic process that accurately reflects the collective will of the party members.

This tension points to broader challenges within the PDP regarding leadership and representation, which, if not addressed, could destabilize the party’s unity and effectiveness. The elders’ call for intervention from the national headquarters suggests an urgent need for higher-level mediation to resolve the conflict and ensure the party’s integrity. This situation also serves as a reminder of the critical importance of internal democracy in political parties, as failure to uphold these principles can lead to significant internal crises and loss of public trust.

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