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New GAA Playing Rules – Extra points for 40m kicks and Goals

We have a list and explanations of the new GAA Inter-County Playing Rules thst have been recommended by Jim Gavin.

Start of games:
– One v one throw-ins, others retreat behind 45m lines
– All kick-outs from small rectangle
– Kick-outs from 20m line must pass new 40m arc
– No requirement for players outside 20m line

When in possession:
– GK receives only in large rectangle, player must be inside too
– Both teams keep 3 players inside own 65m line
– Attacking mark inside 20m, kick from outside 45m
– Play on from mark, original stands if no advantage

The tackle:
– New definition, one initial contact with open hand

– No restriction to 5 seconds, called back if no advantage

– Free moved forward 30/50m for any instance

– 2 points from new 40m arc
– 4 points for goal

Tactical fouls:
– 30m or 50m advancement for tactical fouls
– ‘Solo and go’ from free with 30/50m advancement if impeded within 13m

Cynical play/Black cards:
– Holding player without grounding = black card
– Contributing to melee = black card
– 10-minute sin bin for dissent, player replaced

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